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Friday, July 13, 2012

New Video! Anakin Attacks a Shoestring, Cute Growling Kitten, 2 Legged Cat

New Video! Anakin Attacks a Shoestring, Cute Growling Kitten
Anakin loves his new toy! A shoestring tied to a chair with a little plastic milk container ring dangling attached to it. Listen to him growl at it LOL! My vicious little two legged kitten! Isn't he so tough!


  1. Oh, Anakin!! You just ROCK!!! Love your growling!!!

  2. A real little lion… Ani is so funny. He is a nice guy. I am sure he brings you a lot of joy.

  3. So beautiful, I'd love to rub and kiss his little belly, but I have to give that job to you as the owner.....Give him big kisses from me....karen....I love kitty cats....meow

  4. Such a vicious little man! I'm terrified! :)

  5. I love the shoe string and plastic milk jug idea!! My cats love those plastic milk tabs. I'll have to set one of these up!

  6. EVERY cat is perfect. They are purrfectly delightful creatures.
    Long live the cats!!!