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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Love for Anakin Photos!

Anakin & my other kitties got a package in the mail today all the way from the UK! Thank you so much to Suzanne & her furbabies, Shelby, Trouble, Treacle, Poppet, Phoebe & their Fur Angel Doebe. Ani loved all of the toys! George has even played with one of them already too. Here's Ani again smelling a card LOL! It's becoming a habit with him i think.
Love for Anakin the two legged cat presents from the UK

Anakin & I got a nice card in the mail today from Ryan & Winston the cat of Penscaola, FL (Where Ani & I live!) Hehe! Ani likes to smell the card. He even tried to bite it! Thank you so much Ryan & Winston :)
Love for Anakin the two legged cat presents from Pensacola Florida

Anakin got a toy mouse & card from Gary & his kitties all the way from Canada! Anakin loves this little toy! Thank you Gary :) (The toy mouse was made by the ladies of the Animal Welfare Association. All profits go to help homeless cats)
Love for Anakin the two legged cat presents from Canada!

My daughter Angel drew this picture for Anakin. How cute is that! Ani just wanted to chew on the paper though LOL!
Love for Anakin the two legged cat, Anakin art by Angel


  1. Very cute picture, Angel!! LOVE it!!

    1. Thank you Linda :) Angel was so happy that everyone liked her artwork of Ani.