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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Anakin's Grandma here with, The story of Anakin's Feral Family

Anakin the two legged cat's Feral sibling's rescue & relocation

This is Ani's Grandmother here and I wanted to tell you a story. We all know that Ani came from a feral community at my husband's work and Carrie was able to go there and catch Ani and bring him home with her. But now I want to tell you......THE REST OF THE STORY! When Ani came to live with Carrie, that left Ani's mother, two siblings and four other cats in the colony that my husband continued to feed every day. But my husband would be retiring soon and nobody at his work would step up to take care of them. They even threaten to have them picked up and one man said he would shoot them. As you can imagine, we were all very upset by this and looked to local trap and release agencies for help. The wonderful folks at Jury Duty stepped up and not only provided information and traps, but two lovely ladies spent a Sunday afternoon helping my husband catch four of the kitties. (see video) My husband was able to catch the remaining cats during the rest of that week. (On a sad note, Ani's mom was able to escape the cage while at our house and ran away somewhere in our neighborhood. We are hopeful that we might see her again and she will become a member of our fur family of five cats.) A trip to the vet and all were spayed, neutered and vaccinated. My husband's co-worker had asked his 70 year old mom if she would take the seven cats to live with her other feral cats on her 10 areas, about two hours drive from Pensacola. You can see in the pixs that Ani's "family" is now living in a wonderful wooded paradise with a sweet woman that feeds and looks after them. Ani's two male siblings are living in her house and the others were acclimated to their new surroundings and released. But for all of Ani's friends that have noticed a resemblance between Trixie and Ani, there is more to THE REST OF THE STORY! Carrie adopted Trixie and Pixie from my husband's work about two years ago. They were living in a dumpster with three other siblings. Carrie took Trixie and Pixie and the same wonderful old lady took the others. So you see, Trixie, Pixie and Ani just MIGHT be related!! AND NOW YOU KNOW.......THE REST OF THE STORY :)


  1. What a wonderful story!!! People like you and all the others who helped relocate and neuter/spay these kitties just warms my heart. You are all so wonderful!! I hope Ani's mom shows up again. Recently I have started feeding a few feral kitties. It started with one black kitty and one night another showed up and another! So then there were three. I went away on vacation and asked my pet sitter to continue feeding them. She saw them, but since I got home a few days ago I've only seen one. Bless you all for taking time and effort to help these precious creatures!!! And thanks, grandma, for sharing the rest of the story!

  2. ani; dood, this is a grate storee N we R veree happee yur familee wuz rescued....headbonks, ouch, to all the purrsons who helped and who are still helpin....speshalee de gram maw N gram paw !! :)