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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Love for Anakin Photos ~ New Kitty Steps!

Anakin the two legged cat, kitty steps presents

Look at the Purrrfect Steps Anakin got from Sara & her felines, Angel, Lindy, Spackle, Ellie, Snickers & Henry from Ohio :) They are just purrrfect for little Ani & as you can see he loves them :) Thank you so much Sara & the felines! Anakin will be putting these steps to good use for sure :)


  1. He looks so cute on the steps!! I'm so glad he can use them - hope he and your other kitties enjoy them!


  2. What a wonderful gift to useful!So glad he's doing good.
    Hugs from Sandra and Murphy cat!x x

  3. Those are per (excuse me, I mean purr)fect for Ani! Didn't even know they had little steps for kitties and little puppies! What a wonderful gift! Only two more days, Ani, and your courage cone comes off! Love ya, Kathy