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Monday, September 3, 2012

New Photo ~ Anakin & Trixie Share The Blanket.

Anakin the two legged cat & Trixie share a blanket

Anakin & Trixie sharing his new blanket :) There's a pretty good size comparison as to how small Ani still is LOL! Trixie looks huge next to Ani! Trixie weighs about 10 pounds. Counting down...Two days til the cone comes off!


  1. Gracious, that's startling how much they look like one another! :-) Ani was clearly destined to be part of your kitty family, since he came properly "color-coded"! *grins* Trixie looks gigantic next to Ani, yet at 10 pounds, she's far from being a big kitty herself! Thanks for the size comparions - it really helps to be able to get a "feel" for Ani's real size. All of your kitties are just gorgeous, Carrie; they obviously are all very well loved. Ani is a very lucky little kitty to have found such a loving meow-mee!

  2. we noe there will bee a partee at yur houze buddy when that cone iz OUTTA heer :) !!