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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Love for Anakin Photos ~ The Cone is Off & Prezzies!!

Anakin the two legged kitten presents

BIG News!! The Cone Is Off!! I took it off this morning and Ani proceeded to take a full body bath! He's all clean, fluffy & playing up a storm! :) (These photos were taken a few days ago when the cone was still on) Anakin got some wonderful presents from over seas! :) Ani got some awesome jingly toy balls from Elli & Puddy from England! :) Ani also got this adorable blanket embroidered with his name and some cute paw prints "Anakin's Blanket" from Adele & Tiggi also from England :) Thank you so much Elli, Puddy, Adele & Tiggi!! Anakin loves all of your gifts & so do I :)


  1. Yeah the cone's off!! I sure hope this ordeal is over for you and the little guy!!

  2. Yes!!!!! So happy you got the cone off, Ani! Good for you! Now, keep it off, okay? No more infections, no more giardia, no more prolapsing! I am praying for you to be healed. Love and hugs from your friend, Kathy