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Sunday, September 2, 2012

This is Ani's Grandmother here...

... and I just wanted to say that I saw Ani yesterday (Friday, August 31st) and he is not that big! Everyone keeps posting how big he is, but he is still a very small kitten. He is 3 lbs 1 oz and compared to his siblings, very tiny. Yes, he has grown since we all first met Ani, and that is a very good thing. But he is not anywhere near being a full grown male cat
. Ani sat between me and Carrie on the couch with Ani playing on the paint and fishing game and I kept telling Carrie, he is still so small. He has a tiny little head with those gorgeous tufted ears, longish front legs and a longer body and fantastic long fluffy tail. But Ani is still very small. I think the pixs of him are misleading. And on a side note......Ani does not shed!!!! You can hold him with a black shirt on and there will be no Ani hair on it. I love that!!!


  1. He is still most definitely a 'little boy' but when you look back at his very first video, you really do realize just how much he's grown, but just how much further he has to go. He is absolutely gorgeous and is luck to have a grandma and mommy like you two!

  2. Pictures are so misleading. I know when my babies were kittens I kept taking pics to show people and they never did show how small they were! Course once they grow up and I go back and look I can tell they were so little. I love when they're little though - they grow up too fast!!