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Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Photo ~ My Handsome Boys!

Anakin & George, My handsome boys

My handsome boys! Anakin & George chillin' by the front door :) & lookie no cone!! Woot! :) Also Ani was checked for parasites today since he has finished up his second round of meds. His test all came back clean. *Fingers, Toes & Paws Crossed* that the bugs are all gone for good this time! Things have been a little hectic around here the past few weeks but I hope to have a new video to post soon!


  1. enjoy a cone free week oh end anakin N meowloz much trout N enjoy :)

  2. What a great photo! George is a beautiful cat,he looks so laid back!

  3. Not only are fingers, toes and paws crossed, prayers are said! This photo says it all! Ani is comfortable with the other kitties, he is growing up from an adorable kitten to a gorgeous teenager and he looks the picture of health! All this because of you, Carrie, God bless you! And God bless the vets. I love this boy! Hugs, Kathy P.S. So glad the cone is off! Hopefully for good!

  4. What gorgeous kitties you have, Carrie!! You know, Ani has suddenly started to look "so big and grownup", because his little face doesn't look like a bitty kitten any longer!! He was just so teeny and fuzzy, and then it seemed as if almost overnight his little face began to look like a "grown-up" kitty! That happened to my youngest when she was only about 3-4 months, where she got the grown-up face, but her body was still only teeny. Maybe that's why we all keep commenting that little Anakin has gotten so huge, is because he just all of a sudden looks like a grown-up in the face? Heehee!! What a pretty boy. :-)