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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Love for Anakin Photos! Ani got some prezzies in the mail.

Anakin Two Legged Cat Postcard presnet from Belgium

Anakin got a cute kitty postcard in the mail today all the way from Belgium! Ani looks so proud in the first pix LOL! Then goes on to chew on the end of the card LOL! Thank you so much Auntie Linda!! :D

Anakin Two Legged Cat Ring Toys & catnip from Ray, Dudley & Bo

Anakin got some new toys in the mail today! :) Thank you so much to Ray, Bo & Dudley for the awesome toy rings & catnip! (That's Bo & Dudley cuddling in the photo behind Ani) I couldn't get a good pix of Ani with the rings. He was having way too much fun playing with them. Trixie, Pixie & George also like the rings too :)
Anakin Two Legged Cat crochet blanket and kitty card

Anakin got a beautiful crochet blanket & sweet kitty card in the mail today from Julie in Washington :) It's just purrfect and Ani really loves it! Thank you so much Julie!! :)

Friday, July 27, 2012

New Photo! Anakin suprised & hyper!

Anakin surprised & hyper! Big eyed, claws out and super fluffy tail

Anakin surprised & hyper! Big eyed, claws out and super fluffy tail! LOL! :D

Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Video! Anakin Climbs the Kitty Condo!

Anakin has become quite a climber! Here's Ani climbing up the Kitty Condo & Tower. He also climbs over into the chair & up the steps to the window. The whole time I'm watching him I hear the theme song from the movie Rocky! The Trumpet starts... da da daaaaa da da daaaaa ....Trying hard now... Getting strong now... Gonna fly now.... I was so surprised the first time he climbed the Condo. It's quite something just how strong his front legs are. Anakin is such an Amazing little cat! :)

What Anakin is all about!

Rescue & Adopt Poster

What Anakin is all about! I hope to bring more understanding to people about Ani & others out there like him.

Anakin is on Your Daily Cute & in Jedi News UK today!

Anakin is on Your Daily Cute today! An update on how he's doing with the video featuring him exploring the house :)

Anakin on Jedi News UK :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Anakin's Zazzle Store Anakin Ladybugs & Hearts

New at Anakin's Zazzle Store, Anakin Ladybugs & Hearts! This image was requested by a few people. I hope that you all enjoy it. Anakin's Zazzle Store Link is.....
....It's nice & easy to remember! :)

** I am donating 10% of the profits from Ani's sales on Zazzle to my local TNR program to promote care, adoption and rescue of all animals. The rest will be going to help me with Anakin's care.
** If there is a particular image of Anakin you would like to see added, please let me know you are interested & which products and I will work on adding them to his store for you. Also if the image of Anakin you love is not on the product you would like yet, please let me know and I will work on get that product added to the store for you.

More about Zazzle...
Once you have added items to the cart and go to check out you will be prompted to Register if you do not already have an account. Creating your shopping account is quick easy! Then you will complete the Check Out process to purchase your items. *Also after you are registered you can "Like" Anakin's store on the store page and receive automatic updates when I add new products.

Payments can be made with, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal.

Remember, these products do not come from me. They are all through the Zazzle website. I do not handle anything that goes a long with your actual purchase from Zazzle. Visit Zazzle's Help links for all questions about shipping, returns, all orders, payments, etc.

I hope that you enjoy Anakin's Store! I have had so much fun creating all of these products and look forward to adding many more! So please check back and see what's new. Please feel free to share Anakin's Store with your family & friends.

New Photos! Anakin in the Kitty Tower

Here's Anakin sitting in the Kitty Tower! How he gets up there is quite amazing! :) He climbs up the Kitty Condo (the carpeted cylinder with 2 openings to the left) & gets on top of it then goes across to the Tower! I've made him makeshift steps on the right side of the Tower now too. So he can go up or down to the Tower either way. He also goes to the top step and gets into the desk chair I have near the tower. I was so surprised the first time he climbed the Condo though. It's quite something just how strong his front legs are. I have a video of him doing this climb & I will be posting it tomorrow.  I know the Kitty tower looks a little rough. I'm planning to get a big tall carpeted Cat Tower to go there. One with lots of ramps for Anakin. I know all my cats will love it & I will too since it will be right by where I paint :)

Anakin in the Kitty Tower, Miracle Cat

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Anakin's feeling better today :)

I'm happy to report that Anakin AKA "Mama's Little Man" is back to his normal self today. Running around, playing messing with George. Ani had a really good long tail chasing session in the chair this morning too :) Anakin has also been in the same room with Buddy now for limited amounts of time. He is doing great! He's still hissing at Buddy some but he hasn't been trying to hide. Just observing from a short distance away from him. I’m still watching them very carefully though.

New Photo ~ Hello Anakin! :)

Anakin got a cute picture of a tabby cat today with the message "Hello From Italy". Thank you Valentina!

Hello to Anakin from Valentina in Italy

Monday, July 23, 2012

Anakin's vet check up today

Anakin had another checkup at the vet today. He's getting to know that place now LOL! He was not thrilled at all to be there & was hissing at the the ladies too! I'm happy to report he is still doing great! He's up to 2 pounds 9 ounces and is right on track with his body size and how it feels. He got his last kitten shot and a rabies shot today too. Ani's vet says she usual puts one of the shots in the cat's back hip but since Ani doesn't have any he had to have both of his shots in his shoulders. Poor baby, he's been a little sore this afternoon from the shots and wanting to rest a little more. Hopefully tomorrow he'll be back to his normal playful self! Ani's vet also said that it looks like he's about to start losing some of his baby teeth too. I thought he acted like he was teething. He’s been wanting to gnaw on some of his toys and has wanted to bite more lately. His teeth must be sore. Anakin had another test for worms too and that was all negative this time Yay! We talked about when Ani's next visit will be. I am to bring him back in a little over a month. He'll be about 5 months old then. We'll seen how he's doing and make sure he is still on track with everything and I'll find out when he will be able to get neutered. So yep, Ani had another good visit at the vet! Yay!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Photos! Anakin sitting in the window

Anakin the kitten sitting in the window

Anakin LOVES to sit in the window in my art area :) Here's the makeshift steps I've put for him until we get some real steps & ramps built for him. He can walk up and down these steps with no problem at all. (Yes, I have video of him on the steps. I'll be posting it later this week.) Ani loves to get up in the window and take a nap or just look around outside. I caught him mid yawn in the second pix LOL! Taking his nap in the third pix. Last but not least looking out the window with Pixie. (My screen has seen better days :P I usually open the window when is cool outside & the kitties have clawed on it some.)