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Thursday, May 17, 2018

"Orange Blossoms" Special Canvas & Print Preorder Modeled by Anakin :)
Anakin says... Have a look at this super special painting that Mom Carrie Hawks, Tigerpixie Fantasy Cat Art created with her good friend Jasmine Becket-Griffith! Mom is so proud of this & wanted to share this print offer with you. There's about 24 hours left to order in this preorder sale... 
"Orange Blossoms" Special 2 Day Only Preorder Sale! 14" x 11" Open Edition Canvas Prints & 10" x 8" Glossy Prints! I am having a one time only special 2 day preorder sale for 14" x 11" Open Edition Canvas Prints and 10" x 8" Glossy Prints that will be signed by both Jasmine & myself. I will be taking these preorders to MegaCon with me & she will sign them too :) I thought this would be a nice way for those of you that are unable to make it to MegaCon to still be able to have a Canvas or Print signed by both of us. Since the painting is set to debut at MegaCon I can't show the entire painting But this image should give you a great idea of just how the painting looks. (That's my sweetie Anakin with the painting before I mailed it back to Jasmine)
Note! These Canvases are Open Edition. They are Not signed on the front, Hand-embellished or numbered. They are Open Editions signed & titled on the back of the canvas. We are only offering Open Editions of our painting together. This Preorder Sale will run for approx 48 hours, Now through Friday, May 18, 2018. All Preorders will be mailed after MegaCon around June 6th. If you order anything else along with your Preorder those items will also be mailed with your Preorder. The Original painting will be in Jasmines booth # 1048 at Megacon and we will both have full color prints & canvases at the show (My Booth is # 8FA) and on our websites after the show.