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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Catster Article "In Praise of "Crazy Cat People"

Wonderful Catster Article & Anakin got a mention in it! Haha! I guess I did too since I'm the "Crazy Cat Person" :D "In Praise of “Crazy Cat People” They make huge sacrifices in the name of feline love, and in doing so, they make a huge difference. If it weren’t for crazy cat people helping special-needs cats, we wouldn’t know the awesomeness of Lil BUB, Anakin the Two-Legged Miracle Cat, or Oskar and Klaus."

Mika Has Kitty Asthma

Mika ❤️ has been to the vet twice in the last week. We think he has a little bit of Kitty Asthma going on. He has always been a weird noisy breather to me but last week it was a lot louder and his chest was moving a lot more. He even had a few coughing fits & overall didn't seem like he was feeling his best. Our vet put him on a steroid for the week & he had a recheck on Monday. He is feeling & breathing much better now. I am weaning him off the steroid right now. We hope this was just a little flair-up and doesn't happen again. However if it does I have the steroid for him. Also if he did continue to have this problem we have talked about an inhaler with the aerocat chamber but we aren't there yet. We think maybe the change in weather caused Mika's flair-up. Do any of your kitties have Asthma? How are they doing with it?