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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Anakin pixs by Angel

A few more Anakin pixs by Angel :) Anakin is only 2 Likes away from hitting 70 Thousand Friends on Facebook!! Amazing!! What a nice present before his 2nd Birthday this Tuesday :) Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday! #anakintwolegs #cute #kitty #catlovers #sweet #picpets #ilovemycat

Thank you for all the Birthday Wishes for Anakin!

Thank you all so much for helping me wish Anakin the Happiest 2nd Birthday ever!! You guys are amazing! It makes us so happy to know that you all care about Anakin as much as we do. Anakin had a nice relaxing day of napping and extra cuddles yesterday and had a few extra treats to celebrate.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Another Baby Pix & Video of The Birthday Boy!


Happy 2nd Birthday Anakin!! In this pix his tail was just starting to fill out. It was staring to become the giant fluffy feather duster it is today.

Happy 2nd Birthday Anakin! Here's another favorite Ani Video! Anakin's Morning Tail Chase! (He doesn't chase his tail like that anymore so this one is fun to watch) Ani chases his tail in his favorite chair almost every morning after his breakfast. He also likes to attacked the chair a little bit too. Once he's worn out from the chase he take his mid morning nap. Ani is such a cute sleepy little kitten!

Anakin our two legged kitten playing with his ball & feather

Happy 2nd Birthday Anakin! Here's Anakin's most loved video on Youtube! Anakin our two legged kitten playing with his ball & feather.  Such a Cutie!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Anakin!

Happy 2nd Birthday Anakin!! You're grown to be such a handsome adult cat! We all love you so much! In honor of Ani's Birthday today, I will be sharing some of my most favorite Anakin Pixs and Videos from the passed two years. Please feel free to share and repost your favorites too! :) #happybirthday #birthday #2ndbirthday #weeklyfluff #happy_pet #ilovemycat #anakintwolegs #cat

Monday, April 14, 2014

Anakin reached 70K Friends on Facebook!

Wow!! Anakin reached 70 Thousand Friends on Facebook yesterday! Amazing!! Http:// I never in a million years imagined that posting a few photos and a 1 minute video of a sweet kitten I had just rescued would turn into all of this! :) Thank you so much to all of you that are Anakin's Friends and for allowing me to share his life and the rest of our furbabies with you. Anakin's second birthday is tomorrow! Yay!  #anakintwolegs #cute #kitty #catlovers #sweet #picpets #ilovemycat