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Friday, June 15, 2018

Card Thank yous! I got everyone’s pic with them!

I got pics of everyone with these cards! That never happens! I did wake Anakin up for a sec to take his pics 😽❤️ Thank you so much for the Beauitful Cards 😻 These are from Terrie & her kitty Dr Sheldon Cooper & family and Hastings and Brofurs & family all the way from the Netherlands! Thank you all so much for the cards & for thinking of us! You guys are the best and we love them all ❤️

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Anakin's Tail Created by Tails Of Enchantment by Shadow

Anakin checking out this beautiful cosplay tail by Tails Of Enchantment by Shadow made to look similar to his own tail! Isn’t it beautiful! It’s so soft & fluffy & Ani seems to like it too 😺❤️ Thank you so much Shadow for the gorgeous Ani tail! 😻❤️