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Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Video! Anakin Catnip Play Time, Cat With Two Legs

Here's Anakin & The Gang (Trixie, Pixie, Zoe & George) enjoying some Catnip and toys on our screened porch. Ani and the others LOVE Catnip! Also since I have had some requests, I included a little extra video of Anakin just walking around. Anakin's tail AKA “The Feather Duster” was Extra Super Fluffy in this video thanks to that day being so humid.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Crochet Anakin The Two Legged Cat

Crochet Anakin The Two Legged Cat
Crochet Anakin The Two Legged Cat

Here's my adorable crochet Anakin that my mom got me for Christmas (Thank you Mom! xoxo) How cute are they! I took a bunch of pictures of Crochet Anakin with Real Ani & there were just too many cute pictures to pick from. So I made this little album to show them all off.
Crochet Anakin has a bit of a cartoon look to him because that's the artist's style and I think that's wonderful. Her name is Diane Goldie and she is from London, UK. You can find her Facebook page here, and her Etsy shop here,
Since Crochet Anakin was a one of a kind special order just for my Mom & Me, Diane is not making any more Anakin's. However she does take special orders and can make you your very own Crochet Critter of your cat or dog or whatever. All of the ordering info and other samples can be found on her Facebook page. Thank you so much Diane! It was the greatest gift Mom. I love my Crochet Anakin! :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Photo ~ Anakin The Bed Hog

Anakin Two Legged Cat & Trixie Napping
Anakin & Trixie Napping. How is it that one little cat can hog soooooo much of the bed! :) Ani sure does like to spread out when he's sleeping.