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Friday, December 13, 2019

Anakin wanted to sare Mom's Fantasy Cat Art sale with all of you! :)

Anakin says... "Check Out Mom's Holiday Sale! She has Great Gifts for Cat Lovers!" ... 🎁 Fantasy Cat Art Holiday Sale! is 20% Off! Now - Thursday 12/19/19. Everything’s On Sale! Original Paintings, Limited Edition Canvases, Prints, Jewelry & Gift Items!
**Special Note! My Patreon Patrons receive an Extra Discount Coupon to use on My site during this sale! 🙂 "Sale Cat" $10+ Patrons - coupon code Extra 10% Off for a total of 30% Off. "Sweet Kitten"$1 & "Curious Cat" $5 Patrons - coupon code Extra 5% Off for a total of 25% Off. If you plan to purchase an Original or a lot of items it's not too late to sign up and get your extra 5-10% off too. Just sign up as a Patron for the Extra 5% Off or sign up or upgrade to the "Sale Cat" $10 tier or above for the Extra 10% Off. I will send your special discount code to you asap,