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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Happy 8th Birthday to My Anakin!!

Please Help Me Wish a Fabulous Happy 8th Birthday to My Anakin!! 🎂🎉🎁😺🐾❤️ Wishing the most awesome birthday ever to my inspiring, independent, handsome lil man & many more! Anakin, we all love you so so much! You are such a wonderful cat! Xoxox!! Anakin's Birthday Photos over the last 8 years... Also There is a Birthday Video on Anakin's TikTok at

Meet Anakin! Ani is a two legged cat, born without a pelvis or back legs but that doesn't stop him. He is full of love & life! My family and I rescued Anakin and I am caring for him. My family and I are lifelong animal lovers and we are giving Ani the absolute best possible home, love and care.  I posts updates, photos and videos of Anakin & our other cats on Ani's Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube and other social sites linked below. Follow Anakin The Two Legged Cat on...
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