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Friday, November 16, 2012

New Photo ~ Anakin with his 2013 Anakin Calendar

Anakin The Two Legged Cat 2013 Calendar
I got my 2013 Anakin Calendars that I ordered from Ani's Zazzle Store ( ) & they are Gorgeous! Here's Ani Next to them both, opne calendar to the left & closed calendar behind him. This is the "Huge" calendar. They do come in two smaller sizes.
New at Anakin's Zazzle Store, Anakin's 2013 Calendar! Anakin's Zazzle Store Link is, .. It's nice & easy to remember! :) A calendar of Anakin has been requested by so many people. I hope that you all enjoy it.
** I am donating 10% of the profits from Ani's sales on Zazzle to my local TNR program to promote care, adoption and rescue of all animals. The rest will be going to help me with Anakin's care.
** If there is a particular image of Anakin you would like to see added, please let me know you are interested & which products and I will work on adding them to his store for you. Also if the image of Anakin you love is not on the product you would like yet, please let me know and I will work on get that product added to the store for you.
More about Zazzle...
Once you have added items to the cart and go to check out you will be prompted to Register if you do not already have an account. Creating your shopping account is quick easy! Then you will complete the Check Out process to purchase your items. *Also after you are registered you can "Like" Anakin's store on the store page and receive automatic updates when I add new products.
Payments can be made with, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal.
Remember, these products do not come from me. They are all through the Zazzle website. I do not handle anything that goes a long with your actual purchase from Zazzle. Visit Zazzle's Help links for all questions about shipping, returns, all orders, payments, etc.
I hope that you enjoy Anakin's Store! I have had so much fun creating all of these products and look forward to adding many more! So please check back and see what's new. Please feel free to share Anakin's Store with your family & friends.

Anakin's First Instagram Pix

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Anakin Photos on Instagram

Here's the link, 
So I've finally moved up in the world of Cell Phone Tech & now have my hubby's old iPhone! Don't laugh but up until a few years ago I didn't even have a cell phone. Anyhoo... I had many requests about this and it looks like fun so I have set up an Instagram account for Anakin Photos!
Here's the link, 
I'm going to test out posting the 1st two photos I have on there over to here & Anakin's Twitter & Facebook pages too. Wish me luck!! :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Love for Anakin Photos ~ Anakin's Latest Gifts!

Anakin The Two legged Cat with his Halloween presents

Thank you so much to all of you :) Clockwise from the top, A beautiful hand drawn card & an awesome bubble machine from Mylo & Bella from Arkansas, 6 Kitty Can't Cope Catnip sacks from Tracey (2 of which are already being well loved so they aren't in the picture), Halloween/6 Month Birthday card from Barbara in Virginia, An adorable Thanksgiving card from Victoria in Colorado, a super cool fuzzy 3Dish Halloween card and photos from Terrie, Curtis, Cami, Taterhead, Scooter & Sparkles from North Carolina, Some unique VS. Mittens for me from Hannah at Hoopla in New York, & from Diana in South Carolina a sweet kitten card. Thank you all for your wonderful gifts for Anakin, my other cats and for me too :) xoxoxo

Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Photo ~ Anakin, Trixie & Pixie

Trixie, Pixie & Anakin (Left to Right) Sitting in the window smelling the outside. Anakin is catching up with the girls isn't he :)
Trixie, Pixie & Anakin (Left to Right) Sitting in the window smelling the outside. Anakin is catching up with the girls isn't he :)