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Friday, September 13, 2013

Anakin The Two Legged Cat shared an Instagram photo with you

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"Anakin & Mika, Synchronized Napping! #cat #catsofinstagram"

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New! Anakin The Two Legged Cat 2014 Calendar!

Anakin Tht Two Legged Cat Calendar 2014
New at Anakin's Zazzle Store, Anakin's 2014 Calendar! I also have converted last year's "Kitten Anakin Calender" to a 2014 Calendar as well. So both calenders are available for purchase! FYI Zazzle does run sales all the time. Sometimes up to 40% off calendars and other items. You can join their mailing list to be notified of all their sales. I will be posting the Calendar sales on Anakin's page when they have them. I hope that you all enjoy these Anakin Calendars! They are a lot of work to make but well worth it!
It has also been asked if Anakin gets the money made from the Calendars and gift items through Zazzle.... Zazzle gets their cut for doing all of their work, printing, shipping etc for me. For Anakin I get a Royalty percent, Referral percent and Volume Bonus based on the amount sold. It ends up being a nice amount for Anakin & the gang all together. It is well worth it for me to have Zazzle handle all of the printing, shipping etc so that I can work on other things. That said, I do donate 10% of the profits from Ani's sales on Zazzle to my local TNR program to promote care, adoption and rescue of all animals. The rest will be going to help me with Anakin's care.
** If there is a particular image of Anakin you would like to see added, please let me know you are interested & which products and I will work on adding them to his store for you. Also if the image of Anakin you love is not on the product you would like yet, please let me know and I will work on get that product added to the store for you.
More about Zazzle...
Once you have added items to the cart and go to check out you will be prompted to Register if you do not already have an account. Creating your shopping account is quick easy! Then you will complete the Check Out process to purchase your items. *Also after you are registered you can "Like" Anakin's store on the store page and receive automatic updates when I add new products.
Payments can be made with, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal.
Remember, these products do not come from me. They are all through the Zazzle website. I do not handle anything that goes a long with your actual purchase from Zazzle. They do ship to many places around the world. Visit Zazzle's Help links for all questions about shipping, returns, all orders, payments, etc.
I hope that you enjoy Anakin's Store! I have had so much fun creating all of these products and look forward to adding many more! So please check back and see what's new. Please feel free to share Anakin's Store with your family & friends.
Anakin The Two Legged Kitten 2014 Cat Calendar

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Special Announcement! Tigerpixie Art Studio Fantasy Cat Art Fall Sale! Fantasy Cat Art & Anakin The Two Legged Cat
Most of you that follow Anakin already know that I am a Fantasy Cat Artist. Well today with Anakin's help I would like to share my Fall Sale with you! Tigerpixie Art Studio Fall Sale!
Now through September 30, 2013! 20% OFF Everything* on my website! Plus 20% Off Everything Sale in my Etsy Shop too! 
HUGE Fall Sale! 20% OFF EVERYTHING* on my Website!
Use the Voucher Code = FallSale20
& click Recalculate at checkout to receive the 20% off discount!
This sale will end at Midnight (Pacific Time) September 30, 2013.
I do not run this kind of sale very often! This offer applies to nearly everything* on my website. Have you been watching one of my Original Paintings? If you buy it now you could save Hundreds of Dollars and get Free shipping too! Have you always wanted one of my Limited Edition Canvas Prints? They look just like the original painting and make wonderful gifts! Now LE Canvases are starting at $79 for the 11x14 size and $60 for the 8x10 size! All Open Edition prints are starting at just $8.80! Need unique gifts for the Cat Lovers on your List? I have beautiful Cameo Necklaces & matching Earrings! Whimsical Fantasy Cat Figurines! Coloring Pages & Cards are fun for all ages! Fantasy Cat Keychains & Magnets are all at Great prices too purrfect for yourself or for gift giving!
Remember you must add the Voucher Code : FallSale20, in the Voucher section of the Checkout Cart & click Recalculate to receive the 20% discount off your order too.
*Exclusions, This sale does not apply to Custom Commission Paintings, Wholesale Orders or on any of my other shops, Etsy, Artfire, Zazzle etc.
20% Off Everything in my Etsy Shop! The prices are already reduced! No codes to enter!
Visit my Tigerpixie Etsy Shop 20% Off Fall Sale
I hope that you enjoy all of these Fall Sales! I promise will be painting again soon and yes there will be paintings of Anakin in the future too! When I do paint I'll be posting WIP pixs on my Facebook Art Page, . Thank you so much for your support! Please feel free to E-Mail me with any questions, suggestions or requests.
I'll be in touch!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Anakin's 2014 Calendar Coming Soon!!

The past few days I've been hard at work on Anakin's 2014 Wall Calendar! It's coming along great and is going to be available in the next few days. I will post the link for purchase once it is done. I also have some cute video of Anakin and Mika on the patio that I will be posting this week too  Busy, busy!!