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Friday, November 10, 2023

Pet Pain Medication Zorbium, Pixie has a UTI. Anakin & Kazu say Hi!

Important post about the pet pain medication Zorbium! Also Anakin is doing great. I’ve included a pic of Ani & Kazu sleeping together on my bed. Zorbium… Pixie has been sick with a bad UTI. Then on top of that she has had a horrible reaction to the pain medication they gave her. It’s a transdermal medication that went on the back of her head. It’s supposed to last for four days! It is called Zorbium. I will make sure none of my cats ever get this medication again! We are only 24 hours in. She has Peed on herself twice. She’s hallucinating, paranoid, her pupils are huge. She cannot relax and go to sleep. I don’t think she has slept since before her vet appointment yesterday. This morning she was walking like she had a stroke so we went back to the vet. They said no she is just extremely high. They gave her fluids to try and help flush this medication out of her system faster. So I currently have her set up in my bedroom with pee blankets on my bed and I’m babysitting her because she can’t really be alone yet. She has eaten some wet food with extra water in it so hopefully she will be feeling much better in the next 24 hours because 96 hours of this would be torture for her! Had I known more about this medication I would not have let them use it on her. I will keep you posted on how she’s doing ❤️