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Friday, February 5, 2016

Ani is getting better....

 Anakin update. A quick trip to the vet this afternoon and Ani pooped & she doesn't think he's constipated at all. So all is well! She also said we could try him without his cone since he's looking so much better down there. I tried him without his cone for a while when we got home. He was cleaning like crazy for a while then took a nap. However a little while ago he was aggressively cleaning down there and growling. So he's not completely healed yet. That's got to hurt too like rubbing sandpaper on a burn. I put the cone of courage back on and started putting ointment on him again. We'll try again in a few days. As for everything else...eating, drinking & peeing is all back to normal. Here's Ani attempting to clean himself yesterday with the cone on. He's licking the inside of the cone for most of it but he can reach part of his tail and his toes!! I can't seem to post the video her but it's on his facebook here, Thanks everyone!!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Ani Update...

 Ani Update, Anakin is peeing regularly and taking a normal amount of time to go now. He is still eating and drinking too but only eating about half to three fourths his normal amount of food. He's still getting ointment so the cone stays on for now. Ani still has not pooped yet. The vet thinks it may be due to the pain meds slowing his gi track. I am taking him off those pain meds unless I think he is hurting. I am also putting his lactulose & catlax back in his food to see if that will help him go. If he hasn't gone by noon tomorrow. The vet wants to see him to check thinks out. He's acting fine and I have not seen him try to go. Maybe be since he's eating a little less it's just taking longer for it to get through is slowed down system? I'll keep you all posted! Thank you for everything! Here's Ani saying, "Mom! Stop talking about my privates & poop & pee to all the people online! It's embarrassing!!" & I tell him to hurry up and poop and I will!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Great News on Anakin!

 Anakin is doing Great! Still wearing the cone until he doesn't need ointment on his hind-end though. He doesn't seem to mind the cone much. He sleeps, gets around & even climbs fine with it on. Here’s Ani this morning saying in his best Will Smith, Men In Black voice... "I make this look good!". More Great News... Ani peed this morning on his own too!! Yay! Normally it does take him a good 1-2 minutes to go but this morning it took him about 4-5 minutes to pee and he did kind of jump a few times while he was going. He is still just really sore down there. Hopefully as he continues to heal the pee time will come back down to his normal 1-2 minutes. Now I am on poop watch since he has not gone since Monday afternoon when he had diarrhea at the vet. I am to call them in the morning if he doesn't go today and we will see what she wants to do about that to get him back on his normal pooping routine. He wants to take a bath so bad but with the ointment he is not allowed to lick he can not have a both yet. He doesn't care for me putting the ointment on him either. So it’s better if he doesn’t know it’s coming, I just sneak up on him when he is laid out sleeping and put it on before he even knows what's happened! I have been taking his cone off for him to eat but keeping him from licking himself. I will let you all know how he is doing tomorrow & thank you all so much for all for your love and support! You all are the very best!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ani Update, Quick trip to the vet today

Quick Anakin Update :) So he didn't pee by the time the 24 hour mark from his last pee hit this afternoon.  I tried to get him to with a new box, a pee pad on the floor, moving the old box to another place but nope. So I called the vet and she had me bring him up there. She said he looks like he is healing down there and even I can tell the swelling is gone. However he is still really sore and probably just holding it. He did not poop today so hopefully his diarrhea is done but now I am on poop watch too because I don't want him getting constipated.  Also we both agreed that the tail wrap needed to come off. The wrapped tail was throwing his balance off and could be another reason why he didn't want to pee. She checked his temp and his fever is gone too. She expressed his bladder and hopefully he will feel well enough to go on his own tomorrow. If not I will be taking him back around the same time. I didn't think today was very stressful for him. He seemed a lot calmer. It was all very quickly done an he was back in his carrier. Also he doesn't have a long time to stress on the way to the vet because it is less than 10 minutes from my house. Thank you all!! I'll let you know how he's doing tomorrow. I posted a "Happy Feet" video to his Facebook page but can't post it here for some reason. Https:// 

Anakin at home...

 So I didn't sleep well at all last night! .... Due to the best reason ever!! Anakin wanted to be sleeping on me all night with his purring face as close to my face as possible :D I know most people call it "making biscuits" but we've always called it "happy feet". Well Ani had extremely happy feet last night! He is doing great except for he hasn't gone potty at all since he got home. That's not a problem yet since he did go a few times at the vet yesterday. Once was right before I picked him up at 4:30pm. I'm to call the vet this afternoon and let them know if he still hasn't gone. If not I probably will be bringing him up there for her to check his bladder. The rest of the gang are treating Ani like an outsider. It's ok though he's been in my bedroom away from them most of the time. What's really funny is watching them react to his wrapped up tail! They all jump like its a snake! I know I keep saying this but I really can not thank you all enough for everything!! <3

Monday, February 1, 2016

Anakin is Home! :D

 Anakin is Home!!! :D He is feeling so much better! His blood work was much improved too!  The liver enzyme that was over 400 is down to 140 now. The pancreatitis test came back as highly unlikely that he has it. He did have a highly elevated CPK but she thinks that is due to all he has gone through this weekend. Everything else in his blood work was pretty normal & there is no more jerky twitching. He's eating fine & using the potty too. I was sent home with all of his meds to continue, pain meds, cream for his hind-end, a new antibiotic (Orbax) and I'm to use the probiotic I already have. He is keeping his cone of courage on to keep him from licking places and we are also keeping his tail wrapped until his diarrhea is gone. He's thrilled to be home and wants lots of head scratches & is purring like crazy! He's also exhausted from all of this and is now happily napping on my bed. I will be calling the vet in the morning to update her on how he is doing. I can not thank you all enough for all of your love & support! You all are the best! I'm off to go relax some too now & cuddle & love on my baby boy for the night!

Anakin Update

I just picked Anakin up from the emergency vet a little while ago and brought him to our regular vet for the day. This pic is Ani in the carrier on the way to our regular vet this morning. The emergency vet said that Anakin was eating very well on his own after they gave him a little bit of appetite stimulant. They did get a urine sample from him and he does have a UTI. That along with his little boy parts being red and inflamed from urine burns was making it painful for him to pee. So they started him on a pain medication and put an ointment on his little boy parts & he has been peeing normally sense. He does still have diarrhea but it is not completely runny. It could be due to all of the antibiotics and other medications he has been on. My regular vet is going to continue everything today, IV, antibiotics, pain meds etc today as well as send off some blood work for comparison and we will hopefully have the results of that this afternoon. I will be able to update you all again later tonight. Thank you again for all your love, well wishes, prayers, support and everything else! It all really means a lot to me, Anakin and my whole family!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Anakin Update....

The vets say Anakin is doing really good. Definitely not any worse. At last I spoke with them they have not got a urinalysis yet because he Peed all over when they put in his IV last night. They are hoping he will go in his own today. He may have already since I was there, I'm not sure I will find out in the morning. He is getting IV antibiotics, fluids and they also gave him a sedative in his IV to calm him down. They got a temp on him and it was 103.2 which is a little higher than normal for a cat so they aren't sure if it's elevated because of stress or if it is a fever. They will test it again later tonight. They shaved all of his Peed and pooped on hair down there and washed him really good. They didn't do any new blood work yet they wanted to wait longer before comparing. They offered him some of their food but he didn't eat any of it but said he was interested in it though. This afternoon I did get him to eat some of his regular food. I had to feed it to him on my fingers he wouldn't eat it off the plate. They said they will hand feed him too if that's what it takes. They are going to start him on an appetite stimulant and I left his regular food there for him to eat. She said that he loves to be held so she held him a lot last night. They are talking like he might be able to go home tomorrow. They said we might not ever know exactly what caused this but were treating the symptoms he has and he should get all better. They may test him for pancreatitis tomorrow just to rule that out or see if that's what it all could be. He is wearing the Cone of Courage to keep him from licking his IV port and also his fluffy feather duster tail was in their way so they had to wrap it up. I've posted some new photos to the gallery tonight too. I can not thank you all enough for all of your love, support & donations to help my sweet baby! Anakin really does have the best most caring friends in the world!! <3

Anakin is hospitilized at the Emergency Vet

If you missed the latest post on Anakin's page. Ani started feeling worse so I had to take him to the Emergency Vet Hospital. Dottie's mom set up a You Caring page for me while I was there. This is the latest update, Thank you so much to all of you that have send donations, love, well wishes and prayers for Anakin! I have add photos on his You Caring page of Anakin at the Hospital and his bills so far & his x-rays. Here's what we know so far, Ani is being hospitalized and the Emergency Vet through the weekend so that they can treat him and figure out what exactly is wrong with him. He will be getting IV fluids, different antibiotics, a Urinalysis, more blood work in the morning and some other treatments they think will help his condition. Before we said goodbye to him for the night we reviewed his x-rays with the Dr. She said that there was not a blockage that she could see and that everything look pretty normal. That doesn't mean that they is not a blockage it just may not be visible yet. I really think he's just had a bad reaction to the Clavamox and that is causing the elevated liver enzymes but I am not a DR and they are very nice and know what they are doing and want to rule out all possibilities. I will update as soon as I know more. I will be going to visit him this afternoon & will update when I get home. Thank you all again for everything!

Earlier yesterday before going to the Emergency Vet...
Anakin is sick & having other issues, This is long. I know it's a lot to read. If you don't read it I totally understand. Just send Anakin lots of get well wishes & healing thoughts please. He started vomiting after his dinner & antibiotic dose he is also doing a weird jerky body twitch. So the vet had me try one more dose the next morning to see if the clavamox was causing the vomiting or if it was just something else. He again vomited & continued vomit and dry heave off and on through the night. We stopped the clavamox. I think he's having some kind of reaction to it. I was also worried that he had diarrhea and only peed a small amount. I took him to the vet first thing this morning. Not my normal vet though. They are closed on the weekend. Of course Ani peed in the carrier so that showed he was not blocked. They did a bloodwork panel to check everything going on inside. His white cells weren't bad neither were his kidneys. He does have a very elevated liver enzyme ALT ( normal range 0-100, Anakin's is 484 ) and we aren't sure what is causing it possibly the clavamox? but it's most likely why he is vomiting and nauseous. The vet thought he was very alert & not at all lethargic. He was definitely angry with them messing with him. She gave him Electrolytes, SQ fluids to flush any toxins out and hydrate him, a penicillin injection and sent me home with Metoclopramide liquid for his nausea. So far he has eaten a small amount and has not vomited at all since 4 am. If he gets worse we will go to the emergency vet. If not we are to follow up with our regular vet Monday morning to see what we need to do for him. Right now he is sleeping and still doing the twitching but does not seem any worse. Hopefully he will feel up to eating more tonight. Needless to say I haven't slept much. I'm so worried about my baby. I just want him to feel better
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I will update you all when I know more. Thank you so much for your care & support.