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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Anakin is hospitilized at the Emergency Vet

If you missed the latest post on Anakin's page. Ani started feeling worse so I had to take him to the Emergency Vet Hospital. Dottie's mom set up a You Caring page for me while I was there. This is the latest update, Thank you so much to all of you that have send donations, love, well wishes and prayers for Anakin! I have add photos on his You Caring page of Anakin at the Hospital and his bills so far & his x-rays. Here's what we know so far, Ani is being hospitalized and the Emergency Vet through the weekend so that they can treat him and figure out what exactly is wrong with him. He will be getting IV fluids, different antibiotics, a Urinalysis, more blood work in the morning and some other treatments they think will help his condition. Before we said goodbye to him for the night we reviewed his x-rays with the Dr. She said that there was not a blockage that she could see and that everything look pretty normal. That doesn't mean that they is not a blockage it just may not be visible yet. I really think he's just had a bad reaction to the Clavamox and that is causing the elevated liver enzymes but I am not a DR and they are very nice and know what they are doing and want to rule out all possibilities. I will update as soon as I know more. I will be going to visit him this afternoon & will update when I get home. Thank you all again for everything!

Earlier yesterday before going to the Emergency Vet...
Anakin is sick & having other issues, This is long. I know it's a lot to read. If you don't read it I totally understand. Just send Anakin lots of get well wishes & healing thoughts please. He started vomiting after his dinner & antibiotic dose he is also doing a weird jerky body twitch. So the vet had me try one more dose the next morning to see if the clavamox was causing the vomiting or if it was just something else. He again vomited & continued vomit and dry heave off and on through the night. We stopped the clavamox. I think he's having some kind of reaction to it. I was also worried that he had diarrhea and only peed a small amount. I took him to the vet first thing this morning. Not my normal vet though. They are closed on the weekend. Of course Ani peed in the carrier so that showed he was not blocked. They did a bloodwork panel to check everything going on inside. His white cells weren't bad neither were his kidneys. He does have a very elevated liver enzyme ALT ( normal range 0-100, Anakin's is 484 ) and we aren't sure what is causing it possibly the clavamox? but it's most likely why he is vomiting and nauseous. The vet thought he was very alert & not at all lethargic. He was definitely angry with them messing with him. She gave him Electrolytes, SQ fluids to flush any toxins out and hydrate him, a penicillin injection and sent me home with Metoclopramide liquid for his nausea. So far he has eaten a small amount and has not vomited at all since 4 am. If he gets worse we will go to the emergency vet. If not we are to follow up with our regular vet Monday morning to see what we need to do for him. Right now he is sleeping and still doing the twitching but does not seem any worse. Hopefully he will feel up to eating more tonight. Needless to say I haven't slept much. I'm so worried about my baby. I just want him to feel better
frown emoticon
I will update you all when I know more. Thank you so much for your care & support.


  1. Carrie, just saw this since I have not been home today. Praying for Ani; he has always been such a tough little guy, and with God's help and all out prayers, he will be okay soon.


  2. I am sending lots of purrs to Ani - I hope he recovers soon! Please keep us posted.

  3. Have been in the hospital and just now got to read this! Dear God, please include my prayers for Ani along with the thousands of others going to you for him. I pray Ani improves and gets well soon with Your help and my faith! Love you so much, Ani, rest a lot and take your medication and listen to mommy! Much love to you, Carrie! Hugs and purrs and prayers, Kathy