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Monday, February 1, 2016

Anakin Update

I just picked Anakin up from the emergency vet a little while ago and brought him to our regular vet for the day. This pic is Ani in the carrier on the way to our regular vet this morning. The emergency vet said that Anakin was eating very well on his own after they gave him a little bit of appetite stimulant. They did get a urine sample from him and he does have a UTI. That along with his little boy parts being red and inflamed from urine burns was making it painful for him to pee. So they started him on a pain medication and put an ointment on his little boy parts & he has been peeing normally sense. He does still have diarrhea but it is not completely runny. It could be due to all of the antibiotics and other medications he has been on. My regular vet is going to continue everything today, IV, antibiotics, pain meds etc today as well as send off some blood work for comparison and we will hopefully have the results of that this afternoon. I will be able to update you all again later tonight. Thank you again for all your love, well wishes, prayers, support and everything else! It all really means a lot to me, Anakin and my whole family!


  1. So glad Ani is back to eating! And that cute little face is as handsome as ever!
    Looking forward to hearing positive results later today.
    Plan to send you all a card tomorrow. Mail was picked up shortly after I got home, and I did not have time to fix card.
    Get better soon, Ani!!

  2. Poor boy! Pharaoh and Moses send the best kitty wishes and prayers!

  3. Gypsy s'associe à moi pour souhaiter un rapide rétablissement à Anakin !!!
    Caresses et Léchouilles

  4. Hi Carrie, sending comments as I get caught up on Ani's status. This news here is good! Strange, Ani had the same problem I did and I got a bowel infection as well. Am very good at present and will begin chemo very soon. Still praying for sweet Ani and hope he will be feeling purrfect soon! Love to him, you, and all the furry babies, Kathy

    1. Oh no Kathy! Chemo?? I am so sorry! We are sending you tons of get well thoughts. Please keep us posted on how you are doing too <3