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Monday, February 1, 2016

Anakin is Home! :D

 Anakin is Home!!! :D He is feeling so much better! His blood work was much improved too!  The liver enzyme that was over 400 is down to 140 now. The pancreatitis test came back as highly unlikely that he has it. He did have a highly elevated CPK but she thinks that is due to all he has gone through this weekend. Everything else in his blood work was pretty normal & there is no more jerky twitching. He's eating fine & using the potty too. I was sent home with all of his meds to continue, pain meds, cream for his hind-end, a new antibiotic (Orbax) and I'm to use the probiotic I already have. He is keeping his cone of courage on to keep him from licking places and we are also keeping his tail wrapped until his diarrhea is gone. He's thrilled to be home and wants lots of head scratches & is purring like crazy! He's also exhausted from all of this and is now happily napping on my bed. I will be calling the vet in the morning to update her on how he is doing. I can not thank you all enough for all of your love & support! You all are the best! I'm off to go relax some too now & cuddle & love on my baby boy for the night!


  1. Carrie, that is the "bestest" news. So, so happy Ani is home and that tests' results are much improved. He looks so peaceful sleeping. Hope all of you can get a much deserved good night's rest. Give Ani a special hug from me!

    1. Yes it is! Thank you so much Sandy! I sure will! He's been getting tons of xoxox from everyone :)

  2. I'm SO happy and relieved that Ani is doing so much better! I have been purring lots for him.

  3. So pleased Anakin is on the mend.You must all have been so worried about him. Not sure if i can donate on the page thats set up as i'm in Scotland but i could do it through paypal direct to you.
    Just let me know Carrie.
    Lots of love to the gang!
    Sandra and Murphy cat!

    1. Me too! I was so worried!! Thank you so much for your donation offer. You are so sweet! I got enough to cover his hospital bills and these few follow up visits. I'm actually going to get my friend to end the You Caring page since he is doing so much better :) xoxoox!