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Thursday, February 29, 2024

💜 Kazu has Diabetes 😿

Kazu has been diagnosed with Diabetes & has started treatment. He had just had bloodwork and urinalysis done the middle of December, because I felt like he was off then. Not his normal, active playing self like Romeo & Quincy. All of that bloodwork and urinalysis came back completely normal. His blood glucose was right in the middle of the range 127. The range is 72-175. So since she couldn’t find anything wrong with him, we just had to wait till he developed any more symptoms. February 16 Kazu started being treated for a UTI. I also noticed he was drinking more water. About 3 days into his UTI treatment I still didn’t think he was right so I took him for more bloodwork and another urinalysis. Thursday 22nd morning my vet called called and said Kazu has diabetes my heart sank. His blood glucose was almost 400. She wanted me to bring him in to learn how to give injections and go get him a prescription for insulin to start asap. Kazu started out getting 1 unit of insulin every 12 hours. It is the tiniest little amount of insulin not even a fourth of an inch. We are also adjusting his diet and probably everyone else’s diet to make things easier and possibly help prevent Kazu’s other two brothers from getting diabetes as well I hope since this seems to be genetic. There is a possibility that Kazu could go into remission since we caught this very early so I am hopefully. Kazu’s went to the vet yesterday morning 2/28 for 9am to have glucose curve monitoring. His numbers still stayed in the low 400s for his first 2 checks then high 300s for the second 2 checks. Kazu was on 1 unit of insulin every 12 hours, now I gave him 1.5 units last night and then starting this morning he now gets 2 units of insulin every 12 hours.  He has been really good about the shots. We just distract him with some of the lickable tube treat and he doesn’t even know he’s getting an injection. Kazu goes back for his next glucose curve monitoring in two weeks unless something change. I have been reading and researching a lot online about cat diabetes. I want to be fully educated and able to care for him the best I can. Kazu does act like he feels a bit better so I will keep you posted on how he’s doing! I can’t believe that he also has diabetes just like what happened to Forrest. At least this time I knew what to watch for. It still kills me that I didn’t know what was happening to Forrest until it was too late. I will always feel like I failed Forrest because I didn’t know what was happening. Please send me all the good vibes and well wishes you can for Kazu. This has been a lot to deal with for all of us and especially Kazu. Xoxo! Carrie & Anakin

Also Anakin is doing great! I’ll post some more pics and video of him soon ❤️