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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Kazu Diabetes Update ❤️

Kazu Diabetes Update - Thank you so much for the well wishes for Kazu! ❤️ Kazu is doing ok. Me not so much, I’ve had about six hours sleep in the past two days. He almost had a hypoglycemic incident Sunday night then went hyperglycemic in the middle of the night.  I found a Facebook group for help with diabetic cats. I’ve learned a lot of info the last couple days. I have now started home testing which they highly recommended. I’m surprised that my vet did not recommend home testing to me. Kazu has been wonderful with the testing. He doesn’t mind it at all as long as he’s getting some of the pasty treats. Right now my Vet and the Admins on this fb group are giving me some conflicting information. I have a friend that is a human doctor that has dealt with diabetes a lot over the last 40 years she’s going to come over tomorrow and help answer some questions for me and help get a better handle on all of this and how it all works. I’m still going by what my vet says for his treatment. I’m just trying to learn more from my friend so I can ask my Vet better questions and things I may not have thought of. Once I get Kazu more sorted out and feel comfortable with testing him and getting his insulin doses right I will feel so much better about all of this. 
Carrie ❤️