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Monday, May 18, 2015

Anakin invites you to the 78 Tarot Nautical Kickstarter Party!

Update!! The 78 Tarot Nautical Kickstarter is Live!! Here's the link! Please feel free to share this link everywhere! Lets make this awesome Tarot deck happen! Thanks you guys!!

Today is the 78 Tarot Nautical Kickstarter Launch Party! I have created the "King Of Pentacles" for this tarot deck. Anakin & I would like to invite you all to the party! It's an online party in a Facebook Event Page. There will be lots of the artists there, including me and you can win some neat prizes like my jewelry Anakin is playing with in this video. I hope to see you all there! 
And here's a cute video of Anakin playing with my jewelry.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Anakin wants Love :)

Anakin says, don't paint, love me instead! And yes I did until he decided he'd had enough. You can see a work in progress of my Alien Cats painting in the background. Tigerpixie Fantasy Cat Art by Carrie Hawks. Http://