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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Pixie Update


💜 Pixie Update 💜 First I want to thank everyone for the orders, donations, shares and well wishes for Pixie! You all are the best! We drove Pixie to the Veterinary Surgery Services Inc. in Fort Walton Beach, FL ( about an hour and a half from my house ) early Monday morning for surgery with Dr. Wight. If you missed my previous post Pixie had an abdominal hernia and her bladder slipped through the tear. She did great during the surgery and they were able to put her bladder back where it belongs and fix the abdominal tear too. She did stay the night Monday night and we picked her up Tuesday afternoon. Dr Wight & his team we’re absolutely amazing! I highly recommend them if your pet ever needs a special surgery. Pixie has staples that will come out in two weeks at our regular vet and right now she is on antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and pain meds. She doesn’t like her Cone Of Courage but is feeling good and happy to be home and has been purring a lot. They shaved both of her front legs for IVs and she has the cutest little furry boots! I will keep you all posted on how she is doing. Right now she is doing great taking it easy and healing up. I am starting to work on the orders I got the past few days. Please give me a few more days to get them all made up and in the mail. You will receive an email update when your order is in the mail. Thank you again for all of your help and support, we are very grateful for all of you! 


Carrie, Pixie & The Hawks Family 💜

FYI Pixie's Sale is going on through Sunday June 26th. Everything on my site is 20% Off