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Saturday, August 4, 2012

New Photos ~ Building The Kitty Condo

Anakin, Trixie, & Pixie watching us build their Cat Condo

I have to post the before condo pixs ;) Here's Ani, Trixie & Pixie last night checking out the giant box of condo goodies! Ani looks so tiny next to the box.

Awesome Anakin Update on Life With Cats!

Awesome Anakin Update on Life With Cats :)

"Anakin the miracle cat born without his pelvis and hind legs is also Anakin the adorably playful bundle of energy. He proves that here in his latest video."

Friday, August 3, 2012

New photo ~ Awesome Kitty Condo!

Anakin, Trixie, Pixie & George's New Kitty Condo!

Lookie what Anakin, Trixie, Pixie, Zoe & George got from their Grandma & Grandpa! Wow! Is that an awesome Kitty Condo or what! Thank you Grandma & Grandpa! It just arrived today & before it was even out of the box Ani was investigating it all. He has already found his way up the ramp to the second box & can easily climb up & down the whole condo. I added the small chair on the side to help him get down that side easier. I managed to get 4 of the 5 cats in the first pix. Zoe doesn't seem to interested in the condo yet. Anakin is sleeping on the second level right now :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Video! Anakin playing Attack Peek-a-Boo with George

Anakin playing Attack Peek a Boo with George, Anakin LOVES to play with his buddy George! Here they are playing Anakin's favorite game, "Attack Peek-a-Boo". As you can see Ani is the one starting it all & keeps coming back for more. George isn't quite sure what to make of little Anakin bounding out at him from under the bed. The sweet ending shows they really are becoming best buds.

Update! Anakin's Pee Problem

Update! Thank you again for all of your help & suggestions for Anakin's pee issues. I posted an updated with more info in my original post. Starting with suggestions off of my list, I added a second litter box just like the first to see if lil Anakin is a 2 box kind of guy. One for poop, one for pee? I also took up his bedding and soft toys for now so he won't pee on them. So far he has pooped in the new box & peed in the old box. Hmmm very interesting. I thought it might of gone the other way around. So I'll see what he does next, If he continues to use the same box for each or not. If this doesn't work I'll move on to more of your suggestions from the list I've made ;) Thank you again for all of your help. You guys are the best! Now I'm off to go work on a new Anakin Video to post later today! Yay! :)

Anakin's Pee Problem ~ Any Ideas?

So I need some ideas. Little Anakin has been really good about pooping in his litter box BUT does not pee in it regularly. I would say he pees in it about 50% of the time. The rest of the time he prefers to pee on his bedding. I took all the bedding out for a little while just to see if he would go in the litter box. Instead he peed on his toys & in his box I gave him too. I would say he did pee in the litter box more without the bedding in there. Probably about 80% of the time & 20% on the toys. He's making a lot of laundry for me. I've washed all of his bedding in an enzyme cleaner & let is soak. It makes no difference. He still wants to pee on it. I've brought in fresh never peed on bedding & he still pees on them too.... A brand new kitty bed yesterday & he peed on it last night while his little box is perfectly clean. The litter box is always clean. I clean it twice a day sometimes more & as soon as he poops in it I clean it unless I'm a sleep for the night. He does not have a UTI. So I’m open to suggestions? Any ideas? What has worked for you with your cats with pee issues?

UPDATE: The litter box Anakin currently has is only his box & it is a shallow box so he can get in & out easily. It is in the hall bathroom where he sleeps at night. He can go in & out of the bathroom all day. We have tried a number of different litters. He does not like the corn litter or anything with a perfume like smell. He had been doing pretty well with what we are using now but has gone backwards a little now. Right now his litter is a scoopable clay unsented mixed with the small pellet Yesterday's News. I try and keep the pellets on the top so the clay litter doesn't stick to him. He won't pee in the box at all without the clay litter in there. I guess the newspaper litter doesn't soak up the pee fast enough for him. Anakin's bedding is away from the littler box but since the bathroom is small they are still within a few feet of each other. There is really nothing I can do to change that right now.  I will also go back to not leaving him any bedding for a little while or soft toys and see if he goes back to the box. This did help before but like I said he's gone backwards some now. I really don't want to go the Pee pad route if I can help it but will if I can't get anything else to work. He is not neutered yet but will be as soon as he is of proper age. This has been an ongoing problem since I first rescued Anakin. This is not a new problem. I originally thought it was just inmature kitten behavior. Like waiting to long to go to the litter box or just not knowing any better. But now I feel it is something more since it hasn't resolved or gotten better. I have made a list from everyone's suggestions and will start trying them out. Number on on the list, I just added a second litter box for him just like the first and will see how that goes. No the boxes do not have lids & yes they are both easy for him to get in & out of.  Also Ani has been checked for a UTI & doesn't have one. He is getting enough water because I mix water in with his food at each of his meal times. I am trying another box first & will probably try the Cat Attract next. Thank you for all the great suggestions. I'm making a list & will just start trying them all and hopefully something will click! I will keep you all posted. Thank you so much for all of your help! :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Photo ~ Anakin sharing the Kitty Tower with Trixie :)

Anakin sharing the Kitty Tower with Trixie :)

Videos! Anakin taking a bath & fighting with his tail, Anakin's Lunch & Afternoon Nap

Here are the last two I was missing on Anakin's website :) Now I'm all caught up.

Anakin taking a bath & fighting with his tail. This happens nightly now. Ani curls up in my lap to watch TV, take his bath & then falls asleep.

Anakin being fed his lunch. Ani gets very excited when I bring his food over to him. After he eats he goes & relaxes in his little bed & takes a nap.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Photos ~ Anakin & Buddy, Making Progress

Anakin our two legged cat & our dog Buddy

Anakin & Buddy, making progress :) Ani is in the same rooms with Buddy now for much of the day. Ani still doesn't like Buddy too much & hisses at him some. Buddy is like whatever and just ignores him. He's so used to the cats being around. Ani doesn't hide from Buddy though so that is good. No pictures together on the couch like Buddy & George yet but we are making good progress ;)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Anakin Update on Life With Cats Website

Anakin the amazing two legged wonder cat shows his stuff while playing on the cat condo.

This update also includes the link to the site Carrie Hawks has set up to showcase Anakin and his daily progress and life, plus some FAQS Carrie has provided in response to the many questions she has received about her very special boy.

Thank you so much Karen for this wonderful article! :) Summer Sale Last 2 Days!

I am overwhelmed with the love Anakin's friends have shown us and I want to thank each and everyone of you! I know many of you are new to Anakin's page and I hope you come back often to follow Ani as he growns up. I am Anakin's mama, Carrie Hawks and I'm a fantasy cat artist. I've been selling my artwork online for over 10 years now. Back in mid June I started an art sale on my website to raise money for Anakin's vet bills & care. The sale has been running for over a month & is now down to the last 2 days. So I wanted to post a reminder for anyone that may be interested.

Please feel free to share this sale with your cat loving friends! Also if you like my artwork & would like to follow it my Art Page on Facebook is here

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Tigerpixie Art Studio Fantasy cat Art by Carrie Hawks

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Photo ~ Anakin on the bed

Anakin The Two Legged Cat on the bed

Well look who I found up on top of my bed today! :) Anakin has learned to climb up there all by himself! He was so proud too. I already have a chair by the side of the bed so Zoe can get up and down on her own. I've now added a few boxes next to the chair so Ani can climb up or down safely. He's a daredevil though & just wants to jump off the chair! Little Man is growing up too fast!

Videos~ Anakin plays with his Ball & Feather & Meeting Trixie

I'm still trying to get all Anakin's videos posted over here. After these two only a few more to go! ;)

Anakin our two legged kitten playing with his ball & feather. This little guy loves his toys!!

Anakin playing in the hallway & meeting Trixie! Anakin now has the bathroom & hallway to play in during the day. He loves the extra room & being able to see what's going on in the rest of the house. Trixie and the other cats have been coming over to see him too. (Update ~ Ani now pretty much has the run of the house most of the day)

Anakin article in a German Newspaper!

Here's a great little article about Anakin in a German newspaper :) Thank you for sharing this with me Nadine! The title says "Cat has only two legs" & the article tells about how I found him and how well he is doing & about Ani's YouTube & Facebook. Cool!

Anakin Two Legged Cat in a German Newspaper