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Monday, July 8, 2024

Kazu is Feeling Better ❤️

Kazu is feeling better and eating a lot more on his own without the appetite stimulant. He will eat a good portion of what he needs to eat on his own and then I feed the rest of it to him off of a spoon. I’m feeding him off the spoon In this pic. You can also see his little shaved leg where his IV last week. His blood glucose numbers are still staying pretty high. He had one night a few nights ago with three numbers in the 100s but In the 300s the rest of the time so we are still working on his dose. His blood ketones have been staying between 0.1 and 0.3 so that is good. He has finished his antibiotics for his UTI. Something new, I noticed the last few days his back legs seem weaker and he was kind of dragging his back foot around to place it with each step. You could hear his nails scrape on the ground as he walked. Not all the time but enough, where it concerned me. So we went to the vet today and Kazu had a B12 injection, and I’m also looking at some online supplements for for cat’s with Diabetic Neuropathy. I just feel so bad that he’s only 3 years old, well 4 next month and having to go through all this. Especially watching his brothers run around and play and he hasn’t wanted to do that at all lately. He was doing so well a few months ago and I really thought he was heading towards remission. Now all of this and no one is sure what has happened to make him take these steps backwards. I know I’m doing everything I can to help him though and giving him the best care and tons of love. Thank you again for your well wishes and support ❤️