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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Anakin The Two Legged Cat, Arya, Trixie, Pixie and Mika, Collection of C...

Just a bunch of clips of all the cats! Anakin, Arya, Trixie, Pixie & Mika :) 1. Anakin & Arya playing on the cat tower. These two have been playing together almost every day. Every time I start to make a video they stop playing! I guess need to be more sneaky. 2. Arya playing with the ball box & Trixie tries to clean her. Trixie is the "mom" of the gang. 3. They decided the fidget spinner is their newest cat toy. Anakin quickly tells Arya his tail is not a toy! Mika & Lil Arya watching the world go by. Trixie grooming Arya before they both take a nap together :)