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Friday, March 1, 2013

New Photo ~ Zoe is feeling much better

Zoe's Grumpy Cat Face
Yeah, it doesn't look like it from this photo. The is an older picture (Dec. 2012) and this is why we call her Grumpy Zoe :) She makes this face a lot. She was woken up from her nap up on the cat tower & I took her pix. Such a grumpy face! She really is a happy cat, I promise! She loves me to pieces, purrs & makes happy feet on my bed every morning! I'm happy to say Zoe is back to eating like normal and has not thrown up at all since Monday morning. She's still not at 100% but we are getting there! Thank you for all your love and support for my sweet grumpy old gal :)

New Photo ~ Anakin & Mika

Anakin the Two Legged Cat & Mika
Anakin & Mika are doing much better :) Here they are sitting near each other. They were even playing footsie a little bit too. Yay! More progress!! But Anakin is still peeing on things right now even with the Feliway plug ins and the calming spray I've been using around the house :/ (Yes, he was checked for a UTI on Monday, he does not have one)

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Recent Stories Online About Anakin & Mika

Thank you so much to the very special @BagheeraGato (Bagheera the Diabetic Cat) and his human Tony for this lovely blog post about Anakin & Mika!

Mika's Welcome Video & Story on Life With Cats! @LifeWithCatsTV "Meet Anakin's Brother Mika!

Thank you so much to Sparkle the Designer Cat @SparkleCat for sharing Anakin's story & videos in a recent Sunday Catinee blog post. This cute blog post also includes Caffrey & Chris P. Bacon! :) "I think you will fall in love with these special kitties just like I have! Especially Anakin the Two Legged Miracle Cat"

Anakin's story is on @Petside along with Caffrey! :) Inspiring Tales of Biped Cats

A bunch of great stories by wonderful websites & blogs! I am honored! Thank you all so much for sharing Anakin & Mika's stories! :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kitty Update & check out Mika's Laser Eyes!

Mika the cat laser eyes, glowing eyes
Kitty Update & check out Mika's Laser Eyes! Wow!! Anakin is still peeing wherever he feels like it LOL! I thought he wasn't because he did go on his pee pad too. Little did I know he was peeing in other places around the house that i hadn't found yet like.... his favorite card board box, my daughter's jacket that was on her floor Ick!, the little catnip sack toy and just now I caught him making a big puddle in the floor in the screened porch. The good news is that he still is not hissing at Mika like he was and I've actually caught them sniffing noses! Zoe is still about the same. She is up and around a little still eating some on her own and drinking too. She still acts like she does not feel well. I just gave her second dose of the high amount of thyroid meds. So hopefully we'll see more improvement soon. The good news is she hasn't thrown up in over 24 hours. Still if she isn't much more improved by tomorrow morning I'm taking her back to the vet. Mika is a happy little guy! Funny I have not seen him claw the scratching post or try and climb anything at all. Maybe he will once he starts seeing the other cats? Trixie has taken to Mika too, I've seen her grooming his neck fur a few times now :) Pixie is fine too, not hissing or hiding from him either.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mika's Xrays of his Hind Legs & Tail & a Zoe Update too

Mika's Hind Legs and Tail x-rays
 The bone structure is almost just like I explained on the drawing I posted earlier this week but with a few changes.... He has about 3/4 of his tail and it stops right at the end of one of the joints. His right back leg is only missing the foot, he has the whole leg, femur, knee, tibia, fibula, all the way down to the two metatarsal bones. Then it's like those two metatarsus bones are cut in half and the end of the metatarsal bones. He also has what appears to be the start of two toes that didn't develop and the bone of what we would call his ankle are deformed as well.  Then on his left back leg, he has his femur and knee but only half of his tibia bone and it tapers off to a skinny rounded point. He does have a lot of extra skin covering this little nub. We were worried that it was like skin over bone but it's really kind of padded like the end of your pinky finger. The end of the right leg has some skin padding too. My vet agrees with the shelter that he was most likely born this way. The bones are formed this way. There are no jagged bone edges to indicate trauma. The deformed bones had to of been caused by a birth defect. Next step is to find some where to get his prosthetic foot for that right leg made!  Zoe is doing much better today too. She did eat some of her breakfast and also a little dried food too. She's been more active today too. Her blood work all came back really good. The only thing was that her thyroid numbers are high again. So we are upping her meds a little and hopefully that will get her feeling better. I will keep you all posted on how my furbabies are doing. Thank you all for your well wishes and love for my furbabies!!

Update on the Kitties & Cute pixs of Anakin & Mika too.

I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all of your generous donations, prayers, healing vibes, advice and total support for my kitties and I :) It is so wonderful to know that all of you care about my fubabies as much as I do! I send you all ((((GIANT HUGS)))) and I just can not thank you all enough for everything! :) Zoe is doing a bit better this morning, She is more awake and interested in eating but still not eating on her own yet. She did still throw up foamy stuff this morning but they were very small this time so that is an improvement. Hopefully she will want to eat a little breakfast this morning on her own. I should get the results from her blood work sometime today. *Knock on Wood* Anakin hasn't peed on anything since yesterday morning. He also isn't hissing at Mika anymore. So that's some progress. I got the Feliway plug in refills BUT I can not fine my plug ins! I've looked everywhere. So I have to return the refills today and buy the full kit with the plug in included. Mika is at the vet right now to get his x-ray. I should be able to get a photo of it this afternoon and post it tonight. Thank you all so much for everything!! I will keep you all posted!

Anakin Two Legged Cat Sitting on his tail.
How cute is Anakin sitting with his tail all wrapped around under himself :)
Mika Sleeping showing his teeth
Awww! Sleeping Mika! My daughter ust loves when he sleeps like this showinhis tiny little teeth! :)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Important Vet News on Anakin, Zoe & Mika!

I had a bit of a rough weekend. Zoe hasn't been feeling well. She hasn't wanted to eat and has been vomiting foamy watery stuff a few times a day and Anakin started peeing everywhere around the house. So first thing this morning I took Zoe & Anakin to the vet. Zoe is 14 years old and already on meds for hyperthyroidism. Our vet checked her all out and even checked her blood sugar for diabetes & for possible uti. She gave her some fluids because she was a little dehydrated. They took blood and are going to check that out and see if maybe her thyroid is off again or if it's something else. I will find out tomorrow what the blood work says. Anakin got checked for a UTI since he's peeing outside of the litterbox and he does not have a UTI this time. It seems that bringing Mika into the house has kicked Anakin's male hormones into overdrive and he's marking his territory. We had hoped we would be able to wait till April to get Anakin Neutered but we can't wait now. Since Anakin's testicles have not dropped he will have to have surgery more like a female spay surgery. We are making it as easy as possible and having an Ultrasound Tech come in the morning of Anakin's surgery. She will locate the testicles and then the surgery will be done right then and be much faster since our vet won't have to be looking inside of him for them. All of the medications he will be given for the surgery and the Anesthesia is all the same he has had before with his rectal prolapse surgeries. However the ultra sound and the fact that he is having a cryptorchid abdominal surgery make this all very expensive but leaving the testicles in is not an option. The fact that he's marking in the house, his urine now smells like a male cat and that his testicles can develop cancer means they have to come out. We have his ultrasound & surgery scheduled for Tuesday, March 5. Needless to say my vet bills for this month are through the roof. Anakin's ultrasound and surgery is going to be $495.00. Zoe's blood work, testing & fluids along with Anakin's visit and testing today was another $223.00 and then I have Mika who was checked out last week at the vet and goes tomorrow for his last shot and leg xrays, equals another $170.00. So almost $900.00 total. I love them all and they are worth every penny and will charge it all on credit cards if I have to. I know how much you guys always want to help and boy could I use it now and it is all most appreciated. If you would like to help me cover Anakin, Zoe & Mika's current medical expenses you can send donations to my paypal account. The email address is When you log in on paypal just click "send money" & then "personal". I also have the PO Box for my business set up to receive mail for Anakin too. That address is, Anakin The Cat, c/o Carrie Hawks, Tigerpixie Art Studio, PO Box 36364, Pensacola, FL 32516-6364. Or sending donations directly to my vet's office, stating they are for Anakin Hawks is also fine. That address is, Megan's Landing Vet Clinic, 10081 HWY. 98 West, Pensacola, FL 32506  and their phone number is, 850 912-4700. Thank you so much for caring about Anakin, Zoe & Mika!