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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mika's Xrays of his Hind Legs & Tail & a Zoe Update too

Mika's Hind Legs and Tail x-rays
 The bone structure is almost just like I explained on the drawing I posted earlier this week but with a few changes.... He has about 3/4 of his tail and it stops right at the end of one of the joints. His right back leg is only missing the foot, he has the whole leg, femur, knee, tibia, fibula, all the way down to the two metatarsal bones. Then it's like those two metatarsus bones are cut in half and the end of the metatarsal bones. He also has what appears to be the start of two toes that didn't develop and the bone of what we would call his ankle are deformed as well.  Then on his left back leg, he has his femur and knee but only half of his tibia bone and it tapers off to a skinny rounded point. He does have a lot of extra skin covering this little nub. We were worried that it was like skin over bone but it's really kind of padded like the end of your pinky finger. The end of the right leg has some skin padding too. My vet agrees with the shelter that he was most likely born this way. The bones are formed this way. There are no jagged bone edges to indicate trauma. The deformed bones had to of been caused by a birth defect. Next step is to find some where to get his prosthetic foot for that right leg made!  Zoe is doing much better today too. She did eat some of her breakfast and also a little dried food too. She's been more active today too. Her blood work all came back really good. The only thing was that her thyroid numbers are high again. So we are upping her meds a little and hopefully that will get her feeling better. I will keep you all posted on how my furbabies are doing. Thank you all for your well wishes and love for my furbabies!!


  1. Glad to hear it wasn't trauma and that there is some padding on his stumps. Hope you can get a prosthesis for him. He's a gorgeous little cat! We have a ginger boy (he's a shorthair) and we love him to bits.
    Sorry money tight here so cannot donate for Mika :-(
    Re Zoe: our lovely female cat had an overactive thyroid, and in the end we had a thyroidectomy done on her, as she became paranoid about taking the tablets. Operation a great success, and she is fine now, if slightly tubbier. Also cheaper in the long run, as now she doesn't need medicine. Hope Zoe keeps on improving, and Ani starts acceopting Mika even more.

  2. You are doing such a wonderful job, Carrie, in caring for all your furbabies! I send them all my love, prayers and hugs. My kittie Callie sends her purrs and kisses. Kathy