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Monday, February 25, 2013

Important Vet News on Anakin, Zoe & Mika!

I had a bit of a rough weekend. Zoe hasn't been feeling well. She hasn't wanted to eat and has been vomiting foamy watery stuff a few times a day and Anakin started peeing everywhere around the house. So first thing this morning I took Zoe & Anakin to the vet. Zoe is 14 years old and already on meds for hyperthyroidism. Our vet checked her all out and even checked her blood sugar for diabetes & for possible uti. She gave her some fluids because she was a little dehydrated. They took blood and are going to check that out and see if maybe her thyroid is off again or if it's something else. I will find out tomorrow what the blood work says. Anakin got checked for a UTI since he's peeing outside of the litterbox and he does not have a UTI this time. It seems that bringing Mika into the house has kicked Anakin's male hormones into overdrive and he's marking his territory. We had hoped we would be able to wait till April to get Anakin Neutered but we can't wait now. Since Anakin's testicles have not dropped he will have to have surgery more like a female spay surgery. We are making it as easy as possible and having an Ultrasound Tech come in the morning of Anakin's surgery. She will locate the testicles and then the surgery will be done right then and be much faster since our vet won't have to be looking inside of him for them. All of the medications he will be given for the surgery and the Anesthesia is all the same he has had before with his rectal prolapse surgeries. However the ultra sound and the fact that he is having a cryptorchid abdominal surgery make this all very expensive but leaving the testicles in is not an option. The fact that he's marking in the house, his urine now smells like a male cat and that his testicles can develop cancer means they have to come out. We have his ultrasound & surgery scheduled for Tuesday, March 5. Needless to say my vet bills for this month are through the roof. Anakin's ultrasound and surgery is going to be $495.00. Zoe's blood work, testing & fluids along with Anakin's visit and testing today was another $223.00 and then I have Mika who was checked out last week at the vet and goes tomorrow for his last shot and leg xrays, equals another $170.00. So almost $900.00 total. I love them all and they are worth every penny and will charge it all on credit cards if I have to. I know how much you guys always want to help and boy could I use it now and it is all most appreciated. If you would like to help me cover Anakin, Zoe & Mika's current medical expenses you can send donations to my paypal account. The email address is When you log in on paypal just click "send money" & then "personal". I also have the PO Box for my business set up to receive mail for Anakin too. That address is, Anakin The Cat, c/o Carrie Hawks, Tigerpixie Art Studio, PO Box 36364, Pensacola, FL 32516-6364. Or sending donations directly to my vet's office, stating they are for Anakin Hawks is also fine. That address is, Megan's Landing Vet Clinic, 10081 HWY. 98 West, Pensacola, FL 32506  and their phone number is, 850 912-4700. Thank you so much for caring about Anakin, Zoe & Mika!


  1. Wow, that is a lot to have to cope with! Sending lots of purrs everyone's way.

  2. Well I for one know about bills for medical care, well, not me but my Pops. He says this is actually a pretty good price. He hears all kinds of stories about the cost of vet care. Being in rescue does get you some perks. Purrs for Zoe, Anakin, Mom and Family. And, best of all, Pops says we can donate a bit of our treat and toy allowance to the cause. Buddy was a bit put out with this but gave in when we reminded him about all the work Pops did to get his weight. (Shhh. He was a Kibble Crack Addict)

    Love you all!

    Timmy Tomcat and Family

    1. Purrrs & Head bumps!!! Thank you so much :) Kibble Crack Addict? LOL!

  3. Carrie, I would like to donate a little, but am not sure how to get in touch with your account. The link was just for e-mail only. How do I go about doing this? Do you accept credit cards? Please answer! Love hugs and purrs, Kathy