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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kitty Update & check out Mika's Laser Eyes!

Mika the cat laser eyes, glowing eyes
Kitty Update & check out Mika's Laser Eyes! Wow!! Anakin is still peeing wherever he feels like it LOL! I thought he wasn't because he did go on his pee pad too. Little did I know he was peeing in other places around the house that i hadn't found yet like.... his favorite card board box, my daughter's jacket that was on her floor Ick!, the little catnip sack toy and just now I caught him making a big puddle in the floor in the screened porch. The good news is that he still is not hissing at Mika like he was and I've actually caught them sniffing noses! Zoe is still about the same. She is up and around a little still eating some on her own and drinking too. She still acts like she does not feel well. I just gave her second dose of the high amount of thyroid meds. So hopefully we'll see more improvement soon. The good news is she hasn't thrown up in over 24 hours. Still if she isn't much more improved by tomorrow morning I'm taking her back to the vet. Mika is a happy little guy! Funny I have not seen him claw the scratching post or try and climb anything at all. Maybe he will once he starts seeing the other cats? Trixie has taken to Mika too, I've seen her grooming his neck fur a few times now :) Pixie is fine too, not hissing or hiding from him either.


  1. Good luck with Anakin's peeing. I had to stop fostering kittens, because my male cat peed everywhere!

  2. Hi, I had a thought. You mentioned that Anakin was peeing because of Mika... perhaps it is because of Zoe?? I know when I had my last oldster, he was 21 when we lost him, he was thyroid and renal failure for about 2 years (doing sub-q twice a day all that time, along with mucho meds and occasional assist feeding), my younger cats were definitely affected when he wasn't doing well. He was stressed, which caused us to be stressed, which cause the youngsters to be stressed. I wonder if separating them (maybe Anakin and Mika together) might help?

  3. Hi Carrie,
    Glad Zoe is a lot better and Mika is settling in well, just a pity Ani is peeing everywhere..there's always something! Hopefully he'll be ok once he's had his op. Your vet bills are so high,it must be a worry for you. I will be sending a donation in the next few days when i get paid.Maybe instead of Ani's friends sending toys and goodies the next couple of months they coud give a donation instead!
    Love and hugs to all!!
    Sandra and Murphy xxxxx