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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Recent Stories Online About Anakin & Mika

Thank you so much to the very special @BagheeraGato (Bagheera the Diabetic Cat) and his human Tony for this lovely blog post about Anakin & Mika!

Mika's Welcome Video & Story on Life With Cats! @LifeWithCatsTV "Meet Anakin's Brother Mika!

Thank you so much to Sparkle the Designer Cat @SparkleCat for sharing Anakin's story & videos in a recent Sunday Catinee blog post. This cute blog post also includes Caffrey & Chris P. Bacon! :) "I think you will fall in love with these special kitties just like I have! Especially Anakin the Two Legged Miracle Cat"

Anakin's story is on @Petside along with Caffrey! :) Inspiring Tales of Biped Cats

A bunch of great stories by wonderful websites & blogs! I am honored! Thank you all so much for sharing Anakin & Mika's stories! :)


  1. Golly Gee Whiskers!
    To imagine that our pals are BlogVerse Celebs is Wonderfur!

  2. Thank YOU for featuring my blog post - and especially for giving Ani and Mika such a caring home!

  3. This is due to you, Carrie! You have given all these wonderful updates and photos and videos of Ani and Mika and their fur family, it is great to see how they and you cope! You are very inspirational to us all! Kathy