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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Update on the Kitties & Cute pixs of Anakin & Mika too.

I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all of your generous donations, prayers, healing vibes, advice and total support for my kitties and I :) It is so wonderful to know that all of you care about my fubabies as much as I do! I send you all ((((GIANT HUGS)))) and I just can not thank you all enough for everything! :) Zoe is doing a bit better this morning, She is more awake and interested in eating but still not eating on her own yet. She did still throw up foamy stuff this morning but they were very small this time so that is an improvement. Hopefully she will want to eat a little breakfast this morning on her own. I should get the results from her blood work sometime today. *Knock on Wood* Anakin hasn't peed on anything since yesterday morning. He also isn't hissing at Mika anymore. So that's some progress. I got the Feliway plug in refills BUT I can not fine my plug ins! I've looked everywhere. So I have to return the refills today and buy the full kit with the plug in included. Mika is at the vet right now to get his x-ray. I should be able to get a photo of it this afternoon and post it tonight. Thank you all so much for everything!! I will keep you all posted!

Anakin Two Legged Cat Sitting on his tail.
How cute is Anakin sitting with his tail all wrapped around under himself :)
Mika Sleeping showing his teeth
Awww! Sleeping Mika! My daughter ust loves when he sleeps like this showinhis tiny little teeth! :)


  1. What for a Mika-Photo! Very funny and sweet :3

  2. What precious pictures of both fur babies. It is obvious Mika feels right at home or he wouldn't be exposing his tummy. So glad Zoe is doing better and do hope you get back good blood results on her. Happy that Ani is no longer hissing at Mika. Knew he would come around!
    Will be sending you a small donation in the snail mail!

  3. Oh it makes my heart happy that Ani is mellowing towards Mika now! So good! This is just one of those things that take time. Poor Zoe, I hope she will soon recover and be okay again. What a wonderful family you have! God bless you! Lots of prayers, love, hugs and purrs go your way with wet-nosed kisses from my cat Callie. Kathy