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Friday, June 6, 2014

Pixie's Bald Belly??

Pixie pix and a question... So Pixie is a little OCD about her belly grooming and it has led to this fuzzy bald belly. She is completely healthy otherwise. We think her reason for obsessive belly grooming is stress. She is a very nervous cat by nature and gets picked on by all three boys, Anakin, Mika and George. It's not all day everyday that she gets picked on. They just have a moment where they decide to pick in her and chase her. They aren't fighting with her. It's more like I'm going to make you leave this room just because I can, if that makes sense. Pixie is such a sweet girl and I want to help make her happier. We've tried feliway plugins and calming sprays and neither seem to help. I am open to thoughts and suggestion for what I can do to help calm Pixie and what will help the boys be less mean to her.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Anakin the Contortionist

Anakin sometimes looks like a contortionist when he sleeps! Must be comfy for him to stretch out like this :) He was mid stretch in this pix. That's why his paw is blurry ;)