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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ani Update, Quick trip to the vet today

Quick Anakin Update :) So he didn't pee by the time the 24 hour mark from his last pee hit this afternoon.  I tried to get him to with a new box, a pee pad on the floor, moving the old box to another place but nope. So I called the vet and she had me bring him up there. She said he looks like he is healing down there and even I can tell the swelling is gone. However he is still really sore and probably just holding it. He did not poop today so hopefully his diarrhea is done but now I am on poop watch too because I don't want him getting constipated.  Also we both agreed that the tail wrap needed to come off. The wrapped tail was throwing his balance off and could be another reason why he didn't want to pee. She checked his temp and his fever is gone too. She expressed his bladder and hopefully he will feel well enough to go on his own tomorrow. If not I will be taking him back around the same time. I didn't think today was very stressful for him. He seemed a lot calmer. It was all very quickly done an he was back in his carrier. Also he doesn't have a long time to stress on the way to the vet because it is less than 10 minutes from my house. Thank you all!! I'll let you know how he's doing tomorrow. I posted a "Happy Feet" video to his Facebook page but can't post it here for some reason. Https:// 


  1. I'm sending more purrs Anakin's way! I do agree, since he is healing in that area, maybe it doesn't feel comfortable for him to be relieving himself. And I'm sure the tail wrap didn't help.

  2. Let's hope the lower level of stress will make him better sooner, and i'm glad he wanted to sleep with you, it's a sign that he feels protected by you. Our pets see us as their parents or at least protectors, i think.

  3. Sounds like he's on the mend! We're praying that he goes on his own tomorrow! So glad that spectacular tail is back out in the open too, lol!

  4. Glad Ani continues to improve; hope he will feel like going on his own today so you do not have to take him to the vet.
    Just love the "Happy Feet" video. He looks so content and happy. And it is great seeing that beautiful tail once again!!