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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Anakin Update....

The vets say Anakin is doing really good. Definitely not any worse. At last I spoke with them they have not got a urinalysis yet because he Peed all over when they put in his IV last night. They are hoping he will go in his own today. He may have already since I was there, I'm not sure I will find out in the morning. He is getting IV antibiotics, fluids and they also gave him a sedative in his IV to calm him down. They got a temp on him and it was 103.2 which is a little higher than normal for a cat so they aren't sure if it's elevated because of stress or if it is a fever. They will test it again later tonight. They shaved all of his Peed and pooped on hair down there and washed him really good. They didn't do any new blood work yet they wanted to wait longer before comparing. They offered him some of their food but he didn't eat any of it but said he was interested in it though. This afternoon I did get him to eat some of his regular food. I had to feed it to him on my fingers he wouldn't eat it off the plate. They said they will hand feed him too if that's what it takes. They are going to start him on an appetite stimulant and I left his regular food there for him to eat. She said that he loves to be held so she held him a lot last night. They are talking like he might be able to go home tomorrow. They said we might not ever know exactly what caused this but were treating the symptoms he has and he should get all better. They may test him for pancreatitis tomorrow just to rule that out or see if that's what it all could be. He is wearing the Cone of Courage to keep him from licking his IV port and also his fluffy feather duster tail was in their way so they had to wrap it up. I've posted some new photos to the gallery tonight too. I can not thank you all enough for all of your love, support & donations to help my sweet baby! Anakin really does have the best most caring friends in the world!! <3


  1. Oh, Anakin baby, get well soon! We pray for your health.

  2. It sounds like the vet humans have taken very good care of Anakin! Paws crossed he gets to come home soon, and that he recovers quickly.

    1. Yes, they have all be wonderful :) Thank you so much Summer!

  3. So glad Ani is doing better. Know he and the family will be glad when he gets home. Bet he will be happy to have his beautiful tail unwrapped. Thanks for the update.