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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Ani Update...

 Ani Update, Anakin is peeing regularly and taking a normal amount of time to go now. He is still eating and drinking too but only eating about half to three fourths his normal amount of food. He's still getting ointment so the cone stays on for now. Ani still has not pooped yet. The vet thinks it may be due to the pain meds slowing his gi track. I am taking him off those pain meds unless I think he is hurting. I am also putting his lactulose & catlax back in his food to see if that will help him go. If he hasn't gone by noon tomorrow. The vet wants to see him to check thinks out. He's acting fine and I have not seen him try to go. Maybe be since he's eating a little less it's just taking longer for it to get through is slowed down system? I'll keep you all posted! Thank you for everything! Here's Ani saying, "Mom! Stop talking about my privates & poop & pee to all the people online! It's embarrassing!!" & I tell him to hurry up and poop and I will!


  1. Ani, so glad you are continuing to do better! You have the most expressive eyes, and I agree that you are probably saying just that to your mom!! But, Ani, just remember that Mom loves you and wants you to be all better, and we all love you and want to know how you are doing!!

  2. Keep us posted! Although I know all that pee and poop talk must be a bit embarrassing for Ani. ;-)

  3. He's beautiful even with the cone on!
    Get well soon, Ani! Don't mind about your mom telling us all about you, it's a natural thing and we all want to know it :)

  4. Hate to keep saying this, but I went through the same thing about not being able to poop and it was because of the pain meds I was taking following surgery a couple of months ago. Stopped the pain meds and went on Tylenol and took Milk of Magnesia and things went well. Didn't know that pain meds could do that. Don't worry, dear Ani, this will be a thing of the past and you will be our healthy dear Prince again! Love, hugs and purrs, Kathy