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Monday, December 17, 2012

New Photos ~ Anakin Printer Supervisor

Anakin The Two Legged Cat & the printer
Here's Anakin on the job as my personal printer supervisor :) He comes running when he hears the printer. He quickly climbs up to the second level of the tall cat condo. From there he can get right on top of my art table and run over to the printer. When he's done he either hops down using the chairs at the art table or hops down from his cat condo.


  1. I love your assistant! What did you ever do without him? Now he's paying you back for all the wonderful things you've done for him. How lovely! Love, hugs and purrs, Kathy

  2. I bet he's very helpful when you get a paper jam! My kitties also 'help' with the fax machine, best assistants in the world. =^..^= deb