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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Video! Anakin Climbs Into The Lawn Chair

So I go out on our screened porch & Anakin is in the lawn chair! How'd he get up there? Later I was able to catch him in the act and here it is for all of you! It's pretty amazing, he does a pull up right into the chair! Anakin keeps on surprising me everyday!


  1. That is just too precious!! He should be proud of himself. He might have only two legs, but he doesn't let that stop him. I'm sure your and your family's working with him since he was so young helps him realize that he can do what other cats can. Very creative little fella!

  2. That is amazing how he can get up there!his front legs and body must be so strong.He is a remarkable little cat and we are all so lucky to be part of his life.
    Thanks Carrie....for sharing him with us and for giving him such a wonderful life.
    Hugs for

  3. He must have amazing abdominal muscles! Congrats, Anakin!

  4. dood !!! yur front legs must be strong az like how they say bout an ox !!! GRATE JOB !!!!! lawn chair ta day....ladder ta de roof two morrow !!

  5. Wowzer Meowzer! What a cat!
    You make this family of kitties, hoomans too, smile every time we visit!
    Tim T and Family

  6. Saw this first on Facebook on my page, and had to go here to see the video immediately! What a performance, Ani! The Olympics are going to be looking for you for their summer games! Are we all proud of you! Carrie, did you know what a genius you are raising? Can you hear the world cheering for Ani and you? Love, hugs and purrs, Kathy

  7. Ani is the most amazing cat I have ever seen. I just can't get enough of him. He is so very special and touched my heart. God may not have given him leg's but gave him the heart of a king. Love Kittycatdoll