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Monday, March 11, 2013

Anakin Update

Thank you all so much for the well wishes for Anakin! You guys are the best!! Anakin has continued to improve all day today. He's been much happier too, purring and making "happy feet" in his little leopard print bed. I gave him his second dose of Clavamox a little while ago and also his probiotic for today too.He gets his next dose of pain meds later tonight. All the kitties just had their dinner and Anakin actually heard me making his dinner from inside the bathroom and met me with big eyes and meows at the door when I brought his to him. He ate it all too! :) So things are definitely looking up. He's 110% better than he was last night that's for sure! I will post again after our trip to the vet in the morning.


  1. So pleased to read this update that Ani is a lot better,i really hope the worst is behind him now,the poor soul has been through so much.You must have been so worried when you went to the emergency vets,i was very upset reading the post,i can only imagine how you must have felt being there,sometimes we don't know what to do for the best but it seems you definately made the right decision to bring him home!
    Hope you managed to get some rest Carrie as you've been through it all with him and must be emotionally drained.
    Lots of love and best wishes to Ani and all your family!

  2. dood...we bee late in reedin yur posts ..veree sorree ta lurn ya haz been two de V place N bak...N ther again..N bak...

    de blessings oh St Francis two ewe for improved health N we hope ewe iz on de fast road ta ree cover ree

  3. Keep it going, Ani, you are over the worst and you will be feeling great soon! Much love, hugs and purrs to you, Kathy