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Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Photo ~ Anakin & Mika Share The Chair

Anakin & Mika share The Favorite Chair
Anakin & Mika sharing "The Favorite Chair" :D I'm taking Anakin tomorrow morning for what I think will be his last incision check. They all look great now and I think we may get to take the Cone of Courage off tomorrow too! Keeping fingers, toes & paws crossed!!


  1. So good to see them sharing. Bet they will be nap buddies in no time!! Good luck to Ani tomorrow at the vet's.
    Ani seems to be way ahead in the contest!!


  2. Paws crossed that everything looks good tomorrow, and the cone can come off!

  3. Personally I love any kinds of pet like cat, dog, bird etc. I've also various pet in my home and I love them so much :) I've enjoyed your blog too :)