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Friday, April 5, 2013

Photos & Update ~ Anakin's Stitches & Mika's Foot

Anakin The Two Legged Cat

Anakin sitting purrrty on my art table :) He's so handsome!! It's so hard to believe his birthday is only 10 days away!! Lil Man is growing up! Also I forgot to post, I took Anakin to the vet on Monday. His internal stitches had decided not to dissolve in 3 places and had pushed their way out through his skin. They were bothering him and he would growl at them and lick them. So I took him to the vet and she clipped all 3 of the stitches that were poking out and now Ani is much happier :)

Mika & Zoe in The Favorite Chair
Mika & Zoe relaxing in The Favorite Chair :) I was really surprised that Zoe didn't just growl a Mika till he got down. She just let him sit there & she was awake too! So then I was like... Zoe are you feeling ok?? She's feeing fine though. I guess she just had a moment of being nice for a change. Update on Mika's Foot! I've talked to the vet & got some of the forms filled out. I've ordered the casting kit. It will be coming in the mail next week and Mika will go to our vet for the casting on the 16th :) I will keep you all posted!


  1. I have just found your blog and will now be following the progress of Anakin and friends. What a wonderful group of feline friends you have!


  2. Even Zoe loves Mika! Who wouldn't! Mika is like Ani, working his way into everybody's heart and being family! Your fur babies are wonderful! That goes for you too, Buddy! Love, hugs and purrs, Kathy

  3. Ani is just too handsome!! He appears to be posing for the camera! He should be on TV with that face! Glad the stitches are no longer bothering him.
    Mika looks so cute beside Zoe. He seems to be the little charmer in the family.
    Happy Caturday to your family and the furbabies.