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Monday, May 6, 2013

NEW Video!! Anakin & Mika Play Fighting

Here's some clips of Anakin & Mika play fighting like the feisty boys they are! They play pretty rough but don't hurt each other. At the end of the video Anakin gives Mika a little bath.


  1. Loved watching the boys play fighting. So glad Ani has someone close to his age so that he can play rough. What a beautiful tail. How sweet of Ani to give Mika a bath. Guess it's his way of saying, "Just playing, Bro"!!!
    How is Zoe doing?
    Thanks for sharing the video.

  2. They are just two roughhousing boy cats!

  3. What a great video..they are both so full of life and really get on so good!I loved the bit where Mika had Ani by his tail,Ani looked really annoyed that Mika had dared to touch his beautiful tail!These videos make me smile and make my day.
    Hope Zoe is doing ok and her leg is better.
    Love to all the animals!
    Sandra and Murphy cat x x x

  4. Lol! Anakin's like, "Not the tail, not the tail!" :)

  5. I have nominated "Anakin The Two Legged Cat" for a Sunshine Award due to Anakin's spirit and the joy he has brought to so many by being just like any other cat despite being born without a pelvis or legs. I hope you will accept. Please visit for more details. Janet

  6. Whee what fun. It was great to watch Anakin do the stalk over to the bed. What a couple of great little guys.
    How is Mika's leg coming along? Any news?
    Purrs for Zoe.

  7. Just saw this, and laughed out loud at their antics! What fun these cats are having! Love the ending, too. You can tell these two boys are close to each other. How is Zoe doing now? I sure hope she is better and back at being the Queen of cats! Love, hugs and purrs, Kathy