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Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Photos ~ Lazy Boys! Anakin & Mika

Lazy Boys! Anakin Two Legged Cat & Mika
Lazy Boys! They sure do know how to get comfy and take a good nap. They didn't even wake up when I was taking the photos. A lot of you have asked how Mika is doing with his house slipper. Mika is not wearing the slipper. We were still having a very hard time even trying to get it on his foot. Honestly he wants nothing to do with the slipper and I felt like we were torturing him every time we even tried to get it on him. I do not want to turn him into an angry scared cat over this slipper that he wants nothing to do with. We may try again in the future but for now we are just leaving him alone about it. His back legs still look great, not irritated or red or anything. He is happy and can get where he wants to go.


  1. Those two look so relaxed! If Mika is doing okay without the slipper, then there's no reason to use it, right?

  2. A month or two ago, I sent you the webssite for those crocheted footie things for kitties just like Mika... apparently you don't read you comments, or your email. I sent you the link as well as the FB address for them. It might work for Mika, at least it wouldn't be as difficult as the "slippers" you are having no luck with. I can't remember now the website addy, but I know they also have a FB page as well. Seems pointless to post this to you again anyway, since apparently you don't pay attention to your comments. Love the kitties and seeing their pictures.

    1. Thank you for your messages. I have a lot on my plate and I do the best I can to keep up with everything. I did try some sock type footies on Mika and he would just pull them off and play with them.

  3. Aww, they are just so cute! I'm afraid I'd have to wake them up with a zillion kisses!

  4. Just makes one want to take a nap!! Precious boys! And, Mika is really growing. So glad you are not forcing him to wear his slipper. As long as he is not in pain and is able to get where he wants, then I think that's what is important.

  5. Carrie, I agree with you completely about Mika's slipper. He seems happy and contented without it and happy, loving cats make happy families. How is Buddy? Hope all are surviving well in that southern heat! Love, hugs and purrs to all! Kathy