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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Anakin in the @AmazeCats Next Top Cat Card Deck

Anakin Two Legged Cat AmazeCats Next Top Cat Card Deck
I completely forgot to post a pix of Anakin with the AmazeCats Top Cat Deck featuring him! Anakin is featured on 3 cards along with the other pawsome kitties! You can get your own deck for $12.00 here on the AmazeCats website...
"Feast your kitty-loving eyes on 30 of the hottest felines the internet has to offer. This beautiful deck of cards features the famous "top cats" that competed in our NEXT TOP CAT competition! Enjoy 54 beautiful photos of these pawsome kitties on this fun deck of cards. Show your love and support for your favorite kitty all-stars! And the best part? A portion of the proceeds from all deck sales will be donated to Cocheco Valley Humane Society - a great animal non-profit chosen by the winner of AmazeCats Next Top Cat, Little Bear! Grab a deck and help out some kitties in need!"


  1. Hooray for you, dear Ani! Love you, boy! Kathy

  2. Meow Anakin that is so neat.
    We want a set of these