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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Anakin's Year & 1/2 Birthday is Today!

Today October 15, 2013 Anakin turns A Year and A Half Old!  Happy Year & 1/2 Birthday To Our Little Man Ani! This is the flashback video I made for his 6 months birthday last year. My how Anakin has grown since then! Anakin is 6 Months Old! Ani's Video Flashback. Anakin turned 6 months old mid October 2012! In honor, I have created this flashback video highlighting some of Anakin's best moments from previous videos as well as a lot of never before seen video clips! Help me wish Anakin a Happy Half Year Birthday & share this video with your family & friends! Happy 6 Months Birthday Anakin! You are an Amazingly Awesome Cat!!


  1. Happy year and a half birthday to you, Anakin!

  2. Thank for bringing him into our lives. He is a feel good story.

  3. HAPPY Birthday, you sweet handsome boy! Have a long and healthy life, full of all the best!

  4. Happy Year & 1/2 Birthday, Ani. You have certainly grown from a pretty kitty into a very handsome young man! It has been a pleasure watching you and your adventures over the last few months. May you have many, many more birthdays.

  5. Happy 18 month Birthday, dear Ani! Loved this lookback to your younger days! So far, you are the most beautiful cat I know, and you get more beautiful each day! May you have very many happy birthdays in the future! What a joy you are! Love, hugs and purrs, Kathy

  6. Happy six months birthday Ani! you are such a beautiful boy!x x