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Friday, November 22, 2013

Mika & Zoe's Vet Visits this week....

Mika & Zoe in the chair
We've been to the vet the passed two days. Yesterday for my sweet Zoe. She's got a UTI and has started antibiotics for that. She's already feeling much better. Then back to the vet today for Mika and his poor little nub. His little nub had gotten all better and healed up from the first infection back in October. Then Wednesday I noticed it was looking a little red again. So I started watching it and putting the antibiotic ointment on it. Well this morning it was looking worse, swollen and also now has a scratch on the side of it. So it was time to go back the the vet. Mika is starting another round of antibiotics because it is infected again. I know that he has been rough-housing with Anakin & George. I really think that is how his nub is getting injured. I think either Ani or George must have bit it, scratched it or both while they are playing. It's not really possible to wrap up his nub and they don't want it wrapped up anyway so it can drain as it heals again. We are watching Mika's little nub closely and I'm trying to keep the boys from playing together too rough. Here's Zoe and Mika sleeping together in "The Chair".


  1. I hope Zoe and Mika are better soon!

  2. Sorry Zoe and Mika had to visit the vet but glad both are on the mend. They look so cute together in the chair. Ani and George will have to stop playing so rough for a while! Happy Caturday to all as well as a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving to your family, Carrie.

  3. My prayers are with Zoe and Mika! Love all your kitties! Love, hugs and purrs, Kathy